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attacking some food item as usual...

I enjoy looking at photos of Aidan taken by others..Sometimes, I always think that my pics of him come out nice mainly becuz as his mom, I'm biased and tend to make sure they come out well (not that my pics of him are that good either). So, it's always interesting to see how others see him through their lenses.

And on this note..I love this set of photos taken by mfluder when we were over at burbur's place sometime back. I'm curious! How does one make the subjects so clear and the background blurish? Is it a photography technique or through photoshop?

my boy :)

Aidan & auntyadele :)

The pink mummies trio~!
auntyadele, triciaseow and moi.. a pouting Aidan..


Yesterday night, I applied a clay mask on my face after a nice warm shower and was happily surfing the net when I heard some noise from the bedroom and knew that it was probably Aidan, who had woken up and making his way down the bed to look for me. So I opened the door, and the li' fella who was hugging his piggy while trying to hold on to the door, saw me and began to wail very loudly and was trying to get away from me. I was trying to figure out what was wrong with him because this was so unlike him. I then realised that I still had the mask on and the poor li' one was probably scared by the white goo on my face. Had to wash it off immediately and calm him down and he soon fell back to deep sleep.

Thankfully, he didn't have any nightmares that night :P..

Yeah! I will be going Hong Kong next week! Will probably be leaving 2 days before hubby. So...that means I got free time to go 'tai-tai-ing' and shopping with meganmacy!!!!! woohooo~~ And hopefully, we'll have time to do a 'ladies' night out together with claudiacheng during the weekends! mcflurry, we can meet up too if u like to :)

I was toying with the idea of bringing Aidan too but most people I spoke to said that if I was going alone, it's probably not that advisable to do so coz Hong Kong isn't a very baby friendly place..oh well, will try to take a trip with him somewhere else (maybe Australia) sometime this year :)
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