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Okay..none of the pics I'd taken the entire week seemed satisfactory especially when I compare them with those in my previous entry taken by Eugene..Then i was like..argh what the heck..I must try not to compare because there is no way my pics can ever reach that standard so..gah!

Am so looking forward to going Hong Kong and meeting meganmacy and claudiacheng and of coz shopping and painting the town red with them :) Will be also meeting tonghong and mflurry there too. My flight leaves at 6.50am Wed morning so that we can make the most of my first day there day! Mong has actually done up an itinerary for Wednesday and Thursday so I'm sure I'll be completely 'shopped out' by the end of the trip. Anyone with any special request, pls do so now!

Weekend was a blur as usual..Saturday was fun. e_rambler and oiseauxbleu came over and we had our Sex and the City (SATC) marathon . Actually, we didnt exactly watched the entire series..Just part of Season 6 I'd missed (which was from ep 1-11) and then we viewed the season finale together with the farewell show. It was almost midnight when they left my place.

It was great fun to be with people who are just as tv-crazy as I am.! I teared at Harry's proposal to Charlotte [and the size of her rock] . And when Aidan (not mine) appeared carrying 'his baby' in the babybjourn, I can't help but squeal at how cute John Corbett is and lament that a Carrie/Aidan ending was made impossible there and then..And baby Tate is so adorable!! i wonder whether that was SJP's baby coz he was like grinning at her when he saw her. And arghh..i hate that SJP's post natal body is sooooooo irritatingly slim! How did she lose all that fats and weight and still had such big boobies..awk!!

And my Aidan was overjoyed to have company. He was so comfortable with both of them, climbing onto both their laps, letting them feed and fuss over him and play with him.. He was such a happy camper that day .had so much to eat especially since those 2 were feeding him so often..Oh..and when oiseauxbleu saw Aidan (he was at the door to greet her when she rang the door bell), her first words were.."Oh..he's so tinyl!!" Heh...Aidan always look smaller in person and larger in his pics :)

And that chabor actually brought a Lana cake to commemorate this day :)

it was delish~!!

Here's some pics taken last week..Oh..and why issit when the pics are uploaded into shutterfly, it becomes so 'noisy' or pixelated?

The li' one is growing up really fast...He is able to understand lotsa stuff we say now and respond to most of our 'commands'. When its bathe time and I tell him 'hands up', he'll raise both his hands up high so that I can lift his tee off his head and will automatically raise his feet so that we're able to remove his pants..He'll sit down and remove his shoes when I tell him to..He's able to feed himself but he's not exactly very accurate with the spoon so only about 60% of the food gets into his stomach. He's so friendly now too. When we take him out for walks downstairs, he'll toddle around, waving hello to everyone he meets and offering flying kisses! And he does li' peek a boo actions and make raspberry noises when he wanna play. Also, when we ask him where's his water bottle or piggy, he'll run to the room from the living room to fetch whatever we'd requested for and bring it to us. Hubby commented that the method I teach 'Aidan' is like how one will train a dog :P

Oh..and I think he's a li' addicted to tv too. Nowadays, when he wants to watch his favourite vcds (either High5 or Wheels), he'll climb onto the bed and grab his piggy and stare at me if I'm in the room and point to the tv (basically telling me to switch it on). Anyway, we've decided to cut down of his tv viewing so hopefully, he won't get too upset over it..

Anyway..It's so fun watching him learn n grow up :)
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