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Hong Kong post :)

Yeah..I could've probably posted a pic with a better background to show that I am in Hongkong but I really didn't have that much opportunity to whip out my camera becuz the weather here sucks. It was drizzling most of the time and the skies looked so gloomy so I couldn't take much pics of the HK scene. So most of the time, it's pictures of us peeps instead :) This was taken at one of the fast food restaurant after Mong meganmacy had dragged us around Wan Chai to show us all her favourite haunts where we spurged on factory outlet branded goodies!!

I tell ass hurts!! Serious! I've never walked so much in my life! It wasn't the distance that killed was those freaking slopes and stairs. The escalators were heading one direction only - upwards so we had to trek down the stairs or walkwaywalk down most of the time. And that woman had so much energy! So far, she'd brought me to Central, Wan Chai, the Ladies Market, took the Star Ferry to Harbour City..Tsim Sa Tsui..shopped at Granviille and Cameron Road and we went drinking at Lan Kwai Fong yesterday evening...and most of the time..we WALKED!! My calves were aching and my ass was sore and our hand muscle strained from carrying all the shopping items. But Mong was ever so gleeful to bring me to more places. not only does my body hurts, my wallet & credit card bled too *sobsob*..

Ok..can't write much coz i gotta go checkout from the hotel to meet dear hubby who is flying in today. Am now lepaking at Mong's house where she'd just cooked me a fabulous breakfast *burp*. She's been such a great host and a wonderful 'tourguide' *muakz*.

Oh and I saw Eason Chan in Tsim Sa Tsui yesterday hehe..He's cuter irl :)

Moi with Tracey claudiacheng & her daughter Claudia, Mong meganmacy the mother hen and tonghong who's here visiting too.

Mango Madness~~
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