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Firstly..thanks to all for your well-wishes!! Yun-Huei ( e_rambler ), Alvin and Jonathan..the flowers/fruit basket was lovely.

I'm now still at the hospital. We were supposed to be dischared on X'mas noon but Baby Aidan developed a slight case of jaundice..his jaundice level is 11 which is considered a borderline case..[anything above 11 would require photo-theraphy].. Doc has asked whether I wanted to bring Aidan home first and monitor him or to have Aidan stay in the hospital. I chose the latter as I would rather he receive the treatment earlier and come back once he's ok. Jaundice is very common amongst babies and so far, he seems to be reacting well to treatment :)..A little 'painful'to see him struggling under the 'suntan' treatment and his delicate skin blistering away but I understand that it's for his good..The doctor will be checking on Aidan's jaundice level again later..if the level has decreased significantly, we will then go home..:)

Me n hubby chose to stay in the hospital with him..the hospital provides studio rooms so that moms can stay on to accompany their babies..So,whenever Aidan needs to be fed, the nurses would just bring Aidan to my room ..:)

Gosh..I really don't know how to describe my feeliings of being a mom. The feeling when I first cradled Aidan in my arms was simply overwhelming..he's so small and delicate and I just can't believe that we've created this beautiful little baby :) Hmm..Aidan seems to have both our features. He has my button nose..and YC's eyes..But, his looks seems to change everyday. He doesn''t open his eyes much..actually, he IS a nocturnal baby. He only becomes active and opens his eyes wide in the night. In the day..he spends most of the time zzzing away. Even hubby's parents have yet to see him with his eyes open..

The labour itself was pretty fact, everyone was commenting that I was so darn lucky coz Aidan arrived just abt 2 hours after the labour was induced. Because I opted for epidural,the birth itself was painless and I was still feeling very excited and active after the birth..Hubby was there with me throughout the, he didn't faint or anything and even helped cut the umblical cord..:)

Parents-in-law should be coming over soon. Family members and friends have been visiting so often during the last few days, especially when they realised that I had to stay on in the hospital because of Aidan. Yesterday, good pals Darren, Corrina, Bibi and Trevor chose to spend their X'mas with us in the studio room and I think we made a little too much noise :P ..Mom, worried that I wasn''t getting enough nutrition brought confinement food for me yesterday ...Hubby's parents comes over at least twice a day to ensure that everything is ok..Am really touched by all their care and concern :)

Time to go have a peep at Aidan at the nursery :)..Hopefully, his jaundice test would be back by now...

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