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my li' tod :)

Everytime we don't see Aidan for a few days, he always seemed to have grown quite a bit. It's just like the theory of water not boiling when one's watching. In fact, I reckon he's now looking more 'grownup' and has almost lost all his 'babyness'..Guess he is a full fledge toddler already. Well, he must be since he just turned 15 month old almost a week ago..

His grandparents took him to attend a wedding dinner (his first) when we were in Hong Kong. According to them, he was initially quite uncomfy with the large crowd and refused to let anyone but them carry him.. So my in-laws advised them that Aidan would usually warm up to people very easily if they feed him..Not surprisingly, his uncles and aunties began to offer him bits of food and the greedy bugger of coz allowed them to carry him and was soon laughing and playing with them. I heard from them that he enjoyed himself quite a bit..Oh..and apparently, after he saw the rose petals (used as confetti) being strewn at the newly wed couple when they walked into the ballroom, he walked to the pathway and scooped up on the fallen petals and started tossing them in the air gleefully~ Aiyah..too bad i wasn't there to see and capture that moment!

We took him to the Pasir Ris park on Monday since hubby was on leave and the li' one enjoyed himself tremendously. I love the park coz of the children's playground which had lotsa attractions for the li' one! He was laughing gleefully when he was in the li' bucket swing and it was such a joy to see him so lively and happy. And he was enamoured by the 'galaxy' balls they had there.. Should try to bring him to the park more often :)

And during dinner time, he was so gwai, sitting down quietly on the adult wooden chair (without the usual contraints of the babychair)..feeding himself and letting us feed him, and not even attempting to get off the chair at all throughout the entire meal.He's really such a sweet child..!
Aidan on the swing :)

Proud parents :)

Aidan playing with the 'galaxy balls'~

Dinner time..he looks so grownup sitting on that wooden chair..

He is looking more handsome now eh :) heh okay, I'm biased~!


Here's the pics I've taken in Hong Kong...

I know some of u were expecting me to post pics of my loot..I was gonna to yesterday after taking the pieces outta my luggage but then, Aidan came along and started messing up the clothes hehe..Anyway, I think I bought a li' too much stuff. Realised that after I saw the mountain of clothes on my sofa :) Anyway, won't be taking pics of them afterall..Just trust me when I said I had some good buys :P~
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