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catch up entry ~tons of pics :)

Spent the whole of this week 'making-up' to Aidan for not being around him for the past week.. Brought him out almost everyday and filled his time with lotsa activities. It's so nice to see him enjoying himself and having a good time. He's also starting to smile more and he has such an adorable toothy grin..(although u can't tell from the pics :P). He ended up missing his 2nd nap most of the time and by evening, he will be so mabok that not long after his dinner, he would be nodding off to sleep. And he'll sleep all the way through to the next morning...waking up about 9-10am.

Brought him to a playgroup at Bayshore Park yesterday..was my first time joining them. The members in the group were all friends/former schoolmates of my sis-in-law and she asked me to 'try' them out. Thought it would be good to get to know more parents with kids of the same age too. I think Aidan enjoyed himself alot..especially with the swing that was in the apartment itself and the swimming pool which was nicely warmed up (unlike the pool at my place).. He had a scrumptious dinner too. We went to Werner's, a German restaurant at Siglap and the hungry one had lasagna, mushrooms soup and lotsa fries..Again, one of the moms expressed her astonishment at the amount Aidan could consume..He was basically eating as much as us adults..

His eyes lit up when he saw the swing and was reluctant to
get down from it to let the other kids have their turn..

Aidan was so intrigued by this long 'swimming floating contraption' that he
'helped' to carry it from the apartment to the swimming pool..He looked
so cute trying to balance it so that it wouldn't drag on the floor..

There was this family who was walking behind him and they followed him slowly...watching him do his 'task' and applauded when he managed to walk all the way to the pool without dropping it..

check out Aidan's expression..
he wasn't very used to being in a float and kept on wanting to get out of it..

out of the water finally..:)


Wanted to let Aidan try feeding himself his yoghurt desert..Thought it would be easier to just let him do so topless so I can dunk him in the tub immediately after his meal...He decided to throw the spoon away midway and used his hands instead *sigh*

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