Angelia (angeliatay) wrote,

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Miss Singapore Bleah..


ok ok..I agree that Sandy Chua answered her questions well but Miss Singapore Universe isn't an intelligence or oratorical contest lah! It's beauty first then brains! She is the...erm actually the least aesthetic pleasing of the top 10 *eerks* I thought the judges claimed to have picked the one with the best mix of beauty and brains. They clearly forgotten abt the former in this case.I thought Marilyn should win..though she seems to be speaking her mind in the final question. Sandy makes a better 1st runnerup. Yeah..everyone's a judge and critic~~

Oh well, she's gonna be one of the plainest in Miss Universe *sigh* But then again, Singapore will never win but at least send someone who's goodlooking lah! *arghhh*
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