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lor-sor entry~

Have been trying to find out how many teeth Aidan has now but it's been such a trial getting him to open his mouth for us to check..He seems to know when we want to peer into his mouth and will just shut his gap tightly. I've gotten bitten countless times when I tried to feel around his mouth instead..As far as I can see, all his central (4) and lateral incisors (4) are there, so are cusipids (4) and 3 of his first molars have all sprouted and I can see the crown of the 4th 1st molar too..So that means he has about 15 1/2 li' whites in his mouth..which means on the average, he had one teeth growth per month hehe..So that's why he's been teething nonstop~~

Laura laurapoon was over during the weekends with her hubby and cute li' Caleb..We let the boys hang out together while they fought over toys and durian cakes and even let them bathe together :) Was fun!

As usual, will let the pics tell the story. Laura has most of the pics and details of the day in her journal so I'll just 'steal' some of her pics :)

(above pics courtesy of laurapoon

Aidan was in makan-heaven. He had food from every angle..durian cake from his mommy, he turns to his left, his daddy offers him chocolate cake but his favourite person seems to be Laura' hubby, Han Kim..who probably shared half his cake with that greedy bugger. And Caleb thus had to turn to me for his cake since Aidan was always eating his share.


Seems like most people I know seem to be getting a tad tired of seeing so many blatant messages especially from the media to have more babies. The big spread on Sunday Life devoted to that subject was the latest and it was good to see Rachel & Ryan's pic in it together with her interview. My only gripe about it was that ST chose to interview 2 stay-at-home mothers instead of having a mix of SAHM and working mothers..It would have been a better feature and more representative of moms in Singapore. I understand that they were trying to find interviewees who suited their 'definition' of a younger and older mom and the journalist was probably relieved that she was able to find 2 moms (both who happened to be SAHM) in time to be featured.

But I digress.back to what i wanted to write about..all this constant reminders from the govt and press really isn't helping much....Some married couples I know are actually pretty turned off by it. The decision whether to have kids is eventually a personal one and there are many considerations usually before one thinks of having a family or expanding it.

I know several suggestions have been bandied the lengthening of the maternity leave. I personally think that 6 months [which was suggested by many] is too much..productivity (at the workplace) wise, it really doesn't make sense [am sure i'll get slimed for this). If u ask me. I'll say ...don't raise levies for foreign maids and consider decreasing it. Increase the childcare subsidies while they are at it too. It doesn't make sense that the government is encouraging us to have more kids but makes it tougher financially especially in terms of help and childcare. This won't make people rush to have kids but at least it'll be less stressful for many parents especially amongst the lower and middle income group. Having more kids won't be such a burden then.

Heh..maybe the govt better 'promote' the less favourable animals of the Chinese astrological horoscope instead..especially since they are having trouble getting us chinese to breed :P..

Work plans....
Remember what I wrote previously about going back to work with my ex-company. Apparently, the plan to start a new business development unit has been shelved indefinitely and thus I'm back to square one again :( Honestly, I really do wanna start working again. Yes..I do enjoy being a sahm and Aidan's been a joy but the sense of ennui has been overwhelming of late. I've applied for several jobs and gone for interviews..Had been confident of getting offers especially for those I'd gone for more than 1 interview but yet *sigh*.. Am getting a li' demoralised and disheartenedand my ego's all bashed too. I used to have no problems gettings call backs for interviews and clinching jobs (and was so proud of it too). Can't be so complacent anymore. I guess having been out of the workforce for more than a year plus that the job market ain't very good isn't making my jobhunt easy.

Oh well...just have to try even harder than *sigh*

Haven't been posting much videos of late so I shall make up for it here in this ultra long and lor-sor entry :)

Video 1 : Aidan playing ball with us. Can tell from this video how untidy my living room is...
Video 2 :Playing peekaboo with Aidan in the midst of feeding him..he was growling for his food at times..:P
Video 3 :Having his dessert :)
Video 4 :Caleb & Aidan's bathtime
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