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go go astro~~~

oops, couldn't cover up his belly button~~

astroboy needs to eat too~~

Okay..Evil mommy strikes again!! Yeah..I'm so boliao~~. Was like trying for the astroboy look (see above) but I just couldn't get the hair right! His hair was just too soft to stand upright (okay, I was using water, not gell) and I was only able to get his hair in front to stand but the sides of his hair just won't budge :P..Well, at least he had the natural triangular fringe :P He got a black cloth diaper but no green belt and red boots too. I wish I was better with photoshop so I could at least I could turn him into astroboy using that. He merely looks like a half-naked boy in black diapers and shoes ..bleah!

Anyway, Halloween is like 7 months away but one can always experiment right :P.. Actually, I'd bought 2 outfits when i was in Hong Kong @Stanley Market. One is for Aidan and the other for Junebbhome's son Ryan. I can't remember how much it was now but I do recall it wasn't expensive at all (probably abt 20 bucks or less per outfit).

The one of the left is the costume of Woody (Toy Story) and that's Robin Hood's outfit on the right :) Hmm..just realised I could have used Woody's belt for the astroboy look :P

Hmm, so which outfit should I keep for Aidan?

Oh man..I'm so awake now! Aidan was doing a 180 degrees turn on the bed while sleeping and he kicked me in the face *ouch*..Now I'm feeling snarky!

Hmm...I shall then write about yesterday's ep of American Idol but I'd posted my views down in moxielass's latest entry..Oh well, I'll just 'cut n paste' what I've written there with a few additions ;)

My 2 cents worth..
Best 3 : Jennifer Hudson, George Huff and Latoya London

Jen had the best pick of song..she so looked like the 'Lion King' with that large mane of hers and she nailed that song! If she gets bottom 3 again, ze American viewers are definitely deaf but oh well, they r choosing their faves, not necessary the best singer. I never fancied George ..Thought he was just too eager beaver and overly enthusiastic but he's just so infectious bopping around and the song suited him too (hmm..I dunno why but George reminds me of an adult Steve Urkel) Latoya was good as usual and she looked gorgeous on stage. Love that dress of hers. I prefer her when she 'over-emotes'..

Worst 3 : John Stevens, Camile Velasco & JPL

All 3 picked the wrong songs especially Camile..she should know the song is totally unsuitable for her type of voice and range. John & JPL..hmm, Elton's songs are tough to sing and they are proof to that...and they can't dance!! Hmm..for a while, I thought John Stevens was turning into Clay Aiken with his red hair and jacket but then he started to 'lalala'....But I'm sure John n JPL will have tons of fans rooting for them no matter how badly they perform. Fans will probably see their desponent faces after the judges grilled them and go "oh..u poor li' thing and starts dialing their numbers~"..

Ooh..and I can't stand Fantasia...her attitude sucks & her voice is so nasal...urghhh..she aggravates me so! And ..seriously, the contestants should just stop running offstage. Don't they realise that they already have trouble singing just standing on stage and running about is probably gonna make it harder for them to sing?!

My guess of the bottom 3 this week :
Camile, Fantasia & Diana

I probably will be wrong but AI is so unpredictable anyway~

Mmmm..there's OC tonight right after AI..have been wanting to watch that show..!!
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