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our 3 li' ones :)

Aidan fulfilling the fantasy of most men :D..
Here's us and our brood about one year ago..shows how much they've grown *sigh*

This was taken at Renee's 1 month celebration..
She was 1 mth old, Aidan was 3 mths+ and Chloe was 9mths+

Spent the weekends with our good pals and their kids..Dinner at ikea and mahjong@Bi & Trev's on Saturday and swimming + a steamboat dinner *yumz* at my place on Sunday. It's amazing how much ruckus 3 young kids can create..all that noise and mess ~

Well, it's gonna be plus one soon 'coz Bibi is preggers~! Can't wait to see if li' Renee is gonna have a baby brother or sister. So now, dear Bi is trying to ask me to join her by having a no.2 now...Heh, not for now
@Ikea on Saturday evening..
Lurvee the icecream cones there :)


yours look more yummy...

*munch munch*


Hmm..I don't know if there's any subliminal messages in High5 shows becuz Aidan seem to behave strangely whenever he watches them..
1.High on High5
2.Frisky Aidan..
3.A non-RA clip of him playing with dad
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