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my samseng boy :)

Lately, more strangers have been asking whether Aidan is a girl or simply assuming that he's one. Some actually had looks of disbelief when I said he's a 'tapor'..The latest incident was yesterday after I brought Aidan out of the pool. This aunty who was sitting on the bench next to the pool area smiled at him while I was drying his hair and commented "She's so sweet!"(??!!)..I was like errrrr...and decided not to correct her :P

When he was younger [during his botak days], his gender was never questioned. The minute people look at him..they'll go "Boy right?!!".. Yet now, more people seem to think he looks like a girl. Not that I dress him in ambiguous colorsl.. It's usually 'boy-colors like black, dark blue, brown etc..

Hmm.. I still think he is very sam seng looking ! Looks like a girl meh?

Li' bugger was playing [translate - biting] with my hairband so I decided to put it on his head!

He started to take out the hairband on his own..
and placed it back into his hair again..think he prefers his hair this way :P..


Finally bought Aidan a swimsuit..He had been swimming topless in his swim diapers but since they are getting kinda small and tight for him, and his back seems to be irritated by the chorinated water (it gets red), thought that it's about time i get him a li' more covered up. I thought the suit was too big for him ..and it was..cept that the cloth was taut and stretched out along the mid-drift area :P

All pictures are screen captures from the video images
Here's a videoclip of Aidan enjoying the water :)

Yesterday, just before he laid down to sleep, the li' bugger stuffed his finger into his right nostril and digged out a booger that I'd been trying to extricate for the whole of the afternoon... And just before I could remove the offending item from him, he put it into his mouth and swallowed it..Aidan actually smacked his lips and went "mmmMmmmmm" after that..Ewwwww~~

Heh..actually, I do remember when i was a kid, I used to eat my boogers too..[I don't anymore hor!] Oh man, am sure some people's gonna be grossed out. Darn..Aidan's turning out to be like me..
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