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Went down to United Square together with Rachel sonday & li' Ryan to check out some enrichment classes for Aidan. Am still deliberating which one is best suited for him. Can't make up my freaking mind. I know he'll love those 'action-based' classes like Little Gym and Gymboree where he can get to use those gym equipments but personally, I think he is active enough and I've also been letting him 'exercise' frequently by bringing him swimming and to the parks so I'm not that keen to enrol him in those. As for music-based classes like Kindermusik and Rhythm in Me, Aidan doesn't seem to be that interested in music yet..He always end up gumming the musical instruments or finding ways to tear them apart. I won't mind trying out RIM since that's one class I've never brought Aidan for a trial to. Actually, I'm more keen for something that's a mix of mental and physical activities.. Was checking out Growing Up Gifted and thought of bringing Aidan for a trial there. And there's Julia Gabriel to consider too. Oh man, if I am so indecisive just choosing an enrichment class for him, I'll probably be even more gabra when it's time to put him into kindergarten or primary school..

Oh well, I think for the latter kinda actitivies, I'll wait till he's 18 months..and maybe for the next 2 months, I'll let him do something more physically stimulating. Well, at least it'll give me an excuse to go out every week and I know for sure he'll definitely enjoy himself. This li' boy thrives on activities :)

@Baker's Inn

Aidan was enamoured by the rabbits which was in the glass partition at one of the schools..He tried to reach out to touch them but couldn't becuz of the glass panel in between them. So he just stood there and stare at them, and when the bunnies hopped to the other side, he quickly toddled over too.

I know Aidan ♥ animals. He gets really excited whenever he spots a dog or a cat and always want to be placed on the ground so he can run after them to pat them. I would dearly love to get him a pet but I really doubt I can manage a hyper li' boy and a pet in my apartment.. Cleaning up after him is already so tiring and I'm not about to clear doggy poo too. Oh well, I'll should just let him have his animal fix by bringing him to the zoo or birdpark more.


For the past week or so, I'd been staying up till quite late. And when I say late, I mean past 3am in the morning. I'll be either surfing the net in the study room or watching some dvds in the living room..And for the past few days, Aidan has been waking up about 3am...He'll groggily walk out of the bedroom, with pacifier in his mouth and clutching li' piggy while searching for me. And when he does find me, he'll reach for me with his hands wide open, asking me to carry/hug him. I'll then stop whatever I'm doing, carry him back to the bed, hug him for a li' while and he'll go back to sleep and I'll fall asleep soon after.

I guess it's his way of telling me that I shouldn't be up so late and to go to bed :)
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