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Guess I should bring him for a haircut real soon :P

My li' boy turned 16 months old yesterday :)

Met up with my ex-colleagues yesterday for lunch..The last time they saw Aidan was about 8 months ago..So they all did the polite thing and said that he's so cute and sweet and gushed about his long eyelashes and pretty eyes :) And oh, and they said that he's looking more like me :) Gimz helped me to feed Aidan while I tucked into my food and he was having such a fun [easy] time doing so that he declared "I want a kid!!!" :D...

It was good catching up with them.. Gimz who's in charge of local programming for Ch5 asked me who I thought would make a good judge for Singapore Idol.. I was like err err..sheesh! Haven't actually thought of this but I blurted out Dick Lee (gotta have someone who knows music on the panel!). auntyadele, I also said that I thought Joe Augustine will make a good judge too coz of the reasons I wrote in ur lj :P (Oh and I have to say, what a waste that Joe couldn't do Body would have been fun to see his transformation).. And I was like..please please, prove the rumours wrong and don't cast Gurmit as the compere! I makes more sense to have a radio dj as the host right? And 'dj-host' can like Ryan Seacreast, have a segment to discuss the show on radio the day after..I honestly won't mind someone like Daniel Ong getting the part (erm definitely not Glenn Ong though). Oh, and Ching Yee asked me who could be a 'Paula'..Gosh..I was stumped again..Her definition of a 'Paula' i think should be someone who can sing and had a few hits and is somewhat of buffer to a meano judge..Can't think of any female singer who's good enough to be a judge actually..First person that came to my mind was Sun Yan Tze but hmm..not sure whether she'll like to be in that position..she seems so..bochap in a way. Kit Chan maybe?

Heh..I got my answer to why it's Singapore Idol and not Singaporean Idol.. Well, firstly, they said Singapore Idol sounds nicer than Singaporean Idol. Oh well, I guess its true that latter is more awkward sounding. And more importantly, if it's Singapore Idol, that means non-Singaporean can also take part..Not sure thought whether they meant PRs are eligible or that non-Singaporeans staying in Singapore can do so too..

Hmm.. seriously, who else would make a good compere and judge for Singapore Idol?

Oh..and the NBC hit reality show in US The Apprentice is finally gonna be on Ch5 next month~~

That's Gimz & Joy on the left and Ching Yee next to me..

Joy & Gimz pretending to be a couple hehe..

Misc pics & video
Aidan wore Ryan's cap and Ryan wore Aidan's cowboy hat :)

Darn..i guess shutterfly doesnt allowing hotlinking anymore ..bleah.Weird thing is that I can actually view the pics on my journal most of the time.. Gotta migrate my pics to my own hostsite I guess..*sigh* So lecheh.. My older entries will be without pics then..

Here's a Video of Aidan eating yoghurt on his own..
I ♥ hearing the mmmmm sound he makes whenever he's enjoying his food :)


Went for an interview for a PR and Marketing job a few days back... The lady who interviewed me said she would most likely arrange a second interview with the VP coz she thought I had the right qualifications for the job BUT..when she realised that I had a young kid [after she perused through the written info interviewees have to fill up], she queried whether I'll be fine with the long hours that come with the job. She warned me that most of the time, the marketing team will work till abt 9/10pm daily and the earliest would be about 8pm.

I hmmed..and hawwed..and replied that if I was expected to stay back almost everyday, that would definitely be an issue because I do want to be home in time to see my child before he goes to sleep. I know I shouldn't give such a honest reply but given the conditions (plus that the company is located in Jurong and that it's a 5 1/2 day week job [hmm am I too fussy??]), I'm probably not that keen..Hmm..somehow, after that reply, I doubt I'll get a callback..Oh well...

Anyway, will still be continuing my search. So far, I am getting called for interviews but not much success in clinching the job..Anyone with kang tau, send them my way :)
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