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Haven't been updating the journal much as my life now revolves round the li' Prince of the household now..When he sleeps, I rest/check email/surf net/nap and when he wakes up, every precious moments is spent with him.

I'm now a baby shutterbug. Thank gawd for digital cameras!!! If not, I would be having to develop tons of photos, most of them of him zzin away.. I now understand why most moms find it so hard to go back to work after their confinement period ends. It's so easy to get attached to your babe...just one smile from him and my heart just melts~~Babies tend to grow so fast that you want to be there to notice all the changes..

Gotta bring Aidan for a routine checkup at Gleneagles later. This will be the last time I will be bringing him to see this Dr KL Yeo that was recommended by Raffles Hospital. She is such a 'brash' person..I can still remember when she told me on the day that we were supposed to be discharged that Aidan had a slight tinge of jaundice & she dismissed it saying it should be ok. I asked her whether she did tested his jaundice level and she said it wasn't necessary. After I insisted on it, the test came back indicating that photo-theraphy was needed! Sheesh!! In the case of my friend's babe Chloe,it was the same too. She even told them to go home. The day after, the Chloe's skin tone became extremely reddish/yellowish and they had to bring the baby to KK during the night. Chloe's jaundice level had reached a high of 300, which was pretty dangerous. Chloe had to stay in the hospital for abt a week for treatment. What kind of pediatrician is this!? We were so pissed by her nonchalence.. And the way she relates to pple is awful...! You have a query and she answers you with one word type of reply. I mean comeon, we are all new parents and definitely worried abt our kids. And she doesn't even try to be 'gentle' or professional..just simply plain bochap..bleah! I'm going back to her today because I just want to check his jaundice level again, since she has all the previous records. This will be the last visit I swear!

P/S : Baby Aidan is 1 week old today :)
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