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a long overdue haircut

Bleah..Caught the flu bug from hubby who had it during the weekends. And not surprisingly, I passed it to the li' one too. Feeling really shitty as usual coz of the muscle aches, sorethroat & cough and my itchy ears!! Aidan is having runny nose and a li' bit of cough..Either than that, he's fine and is behaving as usual.. very active and running about leaving a trail of mucus and saliva everywhere. So far, even though he's ill, he doesn't get grouchy or clingy at all..*thankfully*. The paed said that he doesn't seem to be as bad as me (I looked & sounded really sick) and that his chest and ear were clear..No signs of fever. Was relieved especially since he had two previous bouts of bronchiolitis before..

Hope I'll be okay by this Sunday so that the marathon can go on..If not, i may have to postpone it to next Saturday..Wouldn't be good if I were to be hacking away and spreading my bug to others..

After seeing his doctor at Forum Galleria, I decided to get Aidan's hair cut (his 2nd time) so that I won't be tempted to tease his locks anymore :P..

I was thinking that Aidan could be difficult to handle coz now that he's more active, he may not sit still long enough for the stylist to cut his hair. And when we stepped into the salon, there were 2 toddlers there bawling away and Aidan looked at them uncomfortably..

But the li' one never fails to surprise me. I placed him on the chair (which was elevated with a booster seat) and dad held on to his hand so that he won't fall off if he moves suddenly. When he had his 'virgin' hair cut at 11 months old, I was sitting on the chair & he was on my lap so this was the first time he sat on his own for a haircut. He was rather calm and looked curiously at the stylist who was placing the towel over his shoulders.. Then she started snipping away and he just sat there staring at his image in the mirror. After a while, he started to fidget and I gave him a book and he then started to read it till she was finished with her job. The hairstylist was saying that he was such a gwai boy and there were other customers who were there with their (older) kids, pointing at Aidan saying.."see, baby also sit there quietly..u must learn!"..Hmm..Aidan still look like baby meh? :)

Having his meal at Genki Sushi before his haircut..
laurapoon, this is the 'raincoat' bib I was telling u about..


I just found out that I have eczema which the doctor termed as seborrheic dermatitis..Always thought that the redness and dryness on my face was just the result of acne..Strange that I was never told I had it before..Was prescribed with hydrocortison. Hopefully, the cream will help clear up my face a little..Hate having such bad complexion!

Wanted to post this a while ago but forgot to do so..I never knew that Singapore had FOS (factory outlet shop) here.. Chanced upon the shop at Marina Square during the weekends and realised that their stuff ain't bad..Lotsa nice kiddy clothings [Gap, Old Navy etc] and if you really look hard enough, there's some good buys for adults too. Lotsa A&F stuff though most of the ladies' A&F tees were too tiny for me..even the L size *sigh* I ended up buying quite a fair bit of stuff in just that few minutes of browsing..Here's a sample..

The embroidery on the VT top is really nice..and I thought it was quite a good buy since the original listed price was HK1050.
I like the camisole top..especially the denim buckle layering on top..looks a li' like previous season's gucci design..
So cheap somemore ;P
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