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hm..still the same KL face..

Realised I haven't been updating for a while.. My sorethroat came back on Monday and I started coughing a li' too. Probably talked/ate/enjoyed myself too much on Sunday during the QE/Apprentice marathon cum mahjong session. Am okay now after resting and drinking loads of liquids..Feelin bad though coz I might have passed my cough/flu to my mil and e_rambler...

Aidan still has runny nose but since Sunday, he started getting quite grouchy and has been throwing tantrums. I doubt he's not feeling well because he only behaves like a diva when he doesn't get his way. Maybe he's angry with me for leaving him with his grandparents for almost the whole day on Sunday..

A few days back, Aidan discovered how he could get hold of stuff not within his reach. He would carry stools/boxes or bulky toys and place them near the dining table and step on them, elevating himself higher and start grabbing the items on the table. He has also learnt how to manually turn on the VCD player in the bedroom as he's able to reach the buttons on the player from the edge of the bed.. And for that, I had to scold & smack him each time he attempts to do it because I fear he may end up grabbing the vcd player or tv somehow and bring them crashing down. I guess I may have to remove the electronic items soon ..*sigh* The perils of having a growing child..

reading just before his bedtime tonite..he looks more lankier now eh..

Aidan's still not talking much at 16+ months. I admit, I'm green with envy and in awe when the other moms list down their kids' vocal abilities in their lj. Yeah I know..shouldn't compare *argh*

He babbles alot though...most of the time, he goes tatatatatatata like a machine gun. Of coz he does say some common words like papa, mama, mummum and can identify stuff like fish (ish), bear, ball..and that's only when he feels like it..

I'm not really worried..just having the normal kiasu mommy mentality i guess.. Oh well..

Starting from tomorrow,I will be taking some pills prescribed by the doctor in my attempt to lose weight. One's an appetite suppressant and another's a milder form of 'xenical' called chitosan- that targets the absorption of fats in the body.

I am fully aware that there may be side effects with these pills but I've also spoken to others who had taken similar pills and friends in the medical/pharma line. I've also scoured the net for information. Most had indicated that as long as I do not overdose on the meds, it should be fine.

I guess I probably am desperate in a way..hate having such a flabby tummy and not being able to fit in so many of my clothes..bah! I know i'm taking a shortcut way here but ..I guess i simply don't have the discipline to diet or workout. Me bad..

On a lighter note..can u believe this was Janice Dickinson (the 'evil' judge in American Next Top Model) during her modellling days?
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