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*Yawn*..Got awoken by the cries of Aidan. He's now sleeping peacefully after his feed :)

I realised that I have more people chatting me up with a new borne baby in my arms than when I was single and swinging~ *sob*...Strangers will smile at me and start enquiring about the baby. Pregnant women will initiate conversations with me, asking about my experience. Old folks are especially magnets as they look at me with approval and bark.."Boy or Girl!!""How many pounds??!!" - I had 3 of those today!!

Had to wait almost 1 1/2 hours to see the pediatrician! She'd only came into the clinic at abt 11:30am because she was tied up at another hospital and she took about 1/2 hour each time to see the 2 appointments ahead of me. She only spent 5 mins with us. Well, at least Aidan's fine..according to her. Now..it's pediatrician searching time...will have to ask friends & family for recommendation.

Went to Raffles Hospital to register Aidan's birth..Yeah! He's now a formally certified citizen of Singapore :)..

While carrying Aidan around the hospital,I saw a few people gathered outside the ICU ward.. One of those outside the ward started asking abt Aidan and we had some small talk..I asked why they were there. The lady told me that they were friends of this couple who just had a baby. Apparently, the baby in ICU was borne just one day before Aidan. The pregnancy itself was okay and it was a full-term birth. However, during the labour itself, the baby was in distress and they had to immediately switch to a C-Section. Unfortunately, it seemed that the baby was in distress too long and there was no oxygen flow into his brain. Baby was thus borne brain dead and was in a coma..His other organs were okay but he needed machines to help him breathe. Doctors had told the parents that the baby's chance of survival was v low and even if he survived, he would be a vegetable. But the parents insisted on having him hooked up to the machine for at least 10 days..It was the 8th day and the baby still had not shown any signs of improvement. Though the parents weren't christian, they named the child Joshua [Jesus saves] hoping that a miracle would take place and that somehow, he would wake up and be well. The lady I was talking to was the mother's cousin and the group was from FCBChurch..they were there praying for Joshua.

Was really sad hearing this..The parents of Joshua must be really distraught and it's really tough knowing that your baby is suffering. Some unfeeling pple actually blamed the parents saying that if they had gone to KK hospital for the birth, this wouldn't have happened..Can you imagine how insensitive some pple can be!!

I know I am truly blessed to have Aidan....

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Dec. 31st, 2002 07:26 am (UTC)
Will remember lil' Joshua in prayers. Your entry brings to mind the trauma we went through when my nephew in Canda was born under pretty much similar circumstances ... some 7 years ago (I was studying in Canada then). J turns 7 this Jan.

J was a full-term baby too. Actually his mother was overdue, but her gynae said to wait another week. Unfortunately she started to bleed one night and was rushed to the hospital. After J was delivered through C-section, they found that all his organs except for his heart had failed, and even the heart was just hanging on ... you know what I mean. The placenta was already dried up, so no food no everything for only God knows how long. We were warned about possible brain damages etc ....

I am thrilled to be able to testify to God's goodness. Today, J is a healthy and extremely intelligent 6 going on 7 year old. He could recite his A B Cs @ 1 yr, and @ 2 yrs, he was asking questions like "Fei Ee, why moon up in the sky". His phonetics is excellent and I am not sure if I should be pround or ashamed that he is a better speller then I am. And not to mention that he beats me hands flat in mental math. The school found him too advanced for Grade 1 when he started Elementary School in Fall 02, so he was placed in Grade 2. ced him in Grade 2. All this from a kid who nearly didn't make it - What can I say but GOD IS GOOD !

Dec. 31st, 2002 02:06 pm (UTC)
Wow..J is a miracle child then. Your sis and family must feel really blessed to have him..:)
Btw, have a great New Year!!!
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