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whiter teeth..brighter smile :)

Made an appointment with the dentist to do the Rembrandt One-Hour Smile Whitening Program tomorrow. Had been hoping that Singapore would have something like this for ages ever since reading about it in the US magazines. I think most of the celebs in States and Singapore have their teeth whitened this way too.

My teeth is discolored due to some medication I'd taken when I was a kid. I'd ever considered getting those diy whitening products from the dentist but the thought of having to put the tray on every night for a long period of time deterred me. Ya..lazy person that I am :P..

Anyway, read about this treatment in the May issue of Female magazine which has a new column where they will put to the test the 'latest fandangled products in the market' and write about their experience and views about it. The writer's ratings for it was excellent (4 stars). What attracted me most to this treatment is the speed. It takes only 1 hour to bleach and individually whiten the teeth and it's supposedly clinically proven to whiten teeth by an average of 10 shades though the results may vary.

Anyway, will know the results tomorrow. Apparently, the dentist will first check your teeth to ascertain whether it's suitable for this treatment (eg. not suitable for those with really sensitive gums) and then she'll proceed with the treatment if it's fine. I hope to be smiling more then :)

Oh..I realise I must sound like someone with low self-esteem. So far, I've complained about my weight, my flabby tummy,my blotchy complexion and now my teeth. So vain & superficial eh :P..

Oh yes, any idea if this product is in Singapore yet. Saw the QE guys using it for a makebetter for one of the straight guys and meganmacy said that it's was introduced to the HK market recently with Karen Mok as the spokesperson.

If u realise, most of Aidan's pics are either
a) the blur look or as cowie describes, the deer in headlight look or b) the mega TL/KL look.

I don't even think I have any pics of him smiling sweetly.
Most of the time, it's those open mouth guffaws/grins like this..

Oh..the latest toy Aidan is enamoured with is this little washing machine I got from the Robinson Sale at 9 bucks. It operates on battery and can actually wash small li' items. Got it for him coz he loves watching our front loader washing machine and always likes to play with the door and the li' shelves. And that's what he's been doing with this li' machine too..Fidgetting with the li' gadgets, opening and slamming shut the door, making it spin manually..and of coz using it as a stool too to reach for stuff on the dining table :P


Oh..the li' bugger was in a good mood today. No more tantrums..and no runny nose either. Maybe I was wrong. He could have been in a foul mood before 'coz of his illness. Anyway, he was soooo active today *chuan*. Kept on wanting to play catch and asking me to piggyback him around the apartment..Thank gawd he's napping now so I can have some rest *pant*..

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