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Just wanna show how discoloured my teeth was before the whitening process. Actually, I'd never realised that it was that yellow till I looked at the magnifying mirror at the dentist's. In fact, the dentist was marvelling at how 'multi-toned' my teeth was. The problem was that the area near the the gums was really dark..almost grey. It was so discoloured that the dentist exclaimed that the color was off her charts. She took a pic of my teeth so that she could get someone to update her chart :P..The middle portion of my teeth has a yellowish stain and the tip was more white. She guessed that I must have been given tetracycline during the time my teeth was developing coz these kinda stains are the toughest to get rid of and usually permanent. She's probably right because when we were young, all of us kids had asthma and that was probably one of our usual medication. I guessed my constant drinking of coke and my previous chain-smoking sessions didn't help either. She warned me not to expect pearly white teeth after the treatment but assured me that I'll see some improvement in color. So remember, do not give tetracycline to kids under the age of 8 or it will damage developing teeth and cause the teeth to be discolored.

The consultation took @15 minutes and the treatment was about 1 hour long.The aircon was cool and there was nice music being played and my gums were feeling numb so I ended up falling asleep so the time passed really fast.

I have to say I am quite pleased with the results. My teeth is still 'multi-colored' but at least it's lighter now. So for the next 4 days, I must remember not to drink coffee /tea/coke/red wine and stuff like dark sauces and food that could possibly stain the teeth and to brush regularly with the special whitening toothpaste that was given to me. I would definitely highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have their teeth lightened too. No messy trays and daily application of strips/bleahing liquids on the teeth. I guess the only deterrent would be the cost factor. But I think for the convenience and speed, it's worth it and moreover, it's at a promotional price now. Hmm..I'm sounding like a sales promoter....

Pics of teeth~


I swear I didn't photoshop/touch up the teeth area at all..but i gotta admit,
the 'after' teeth does look lighter in the pics. It doesn't look that white irl.
It's more like cream color now. And the color isn't that uniformed either..

Taken in Dec 03/Taken today..

Note: person in pic 2 may appear to be slimmer but she's not.
Reason: the camera angle - taking pic from top down
Unfortunately, I'm still the same weight as I was in Dec 03*sob*
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