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flab talk..

I stopped taking my pills yesterday...

Initially, I didn't feel any effects at all after starting on the pills (Panbesy [appetite suppressant], Chitosan [fat absorber] and Mediaxal) last Wednesday. Even after taking the pills, I still had a good appetite and had hunger pangs (as usual) @midnight.I didn't get the usual symptoms like dry mouth, bad temper but I had insomnia from day one. Okay..I'm already insomniac and sleep about 2/3 am usually. But even when I tried sleeping at my usual time, I just couldn't and only managed to fall asleep about 5+ am..mabok man! And from Saturday onwards, I started getting bad nausea and headaches and so I decided to stop taking those pills. And yesterday, I fell asleep at 12am and slept like a baby :)

Strangely enough..I did seem to lose some pounds according to my weighing scale..I'm supposed to be about 55-55.5 kg now (was 58kg when I started). If that's really true, the loss is kinda drastic since I was only on the pills for just 1 week. Could be just water loss though. I don't see any difference actually. My sis said I looked the same as before...

On a more positive note, I started exercising since last Friday. I was thinking that since Mediaxal was supposed to help increase my metabolic rate, I might as well aid it more by exercising. So i went to the gym and spent about 25 minutes on the treadmills and another 20 minutes on the bike..Felt good and I didn't even ache much [considering that I've not exercised for ages]. Told e_rambler about it and he said that I had to run for at least 45 minutes to really have any results, especially if I wanna lose weight..kua kua. Anyway, I'm continuing with my current gym routine till I feel more fit to exercise longer and more strenously. I guess I gotta give myself at least a week..Can't believe that I used to be so fit before..I remember when I was in JC, I ran the 2.4km in @9+mins. I think now, I'll take at least 20 minutes to do that.

Okay, I know I'm not exactly fat...rather, I'm flabby in certain areas like my tummy, thighs and bum. That's probably where all the weight is coming from too. The ideal is to return to my pre-preg size/weight [48kg] which I know is almost impossible. I certainly don't wanna lose any more fats on my boobs or else I'll be minus A size soon! Am not sure what I kinda exercise I should be doing if I wanna concentrate on the problem area only....

This morning, I woke up and couldn't move at all! Looked down and found the li' one sleeping on top of me. The back of his head was resting on my chest and his body on my tummy and his hands still wrapped around li' piggy and he was facing upwards, snoring away...

Don't know how he managed to do it without waking me up..He probably was feeling cold and wanted to snuggle closer and found that position the best :P..I hope he doesn't make this a habit man...

Oh and he did something really cute..When we were playing in bed this evening, I pretended to be asleep and started snoring really loud. He made a face at me, removed his pacifier and placed it into my mouth and patted my head..Hee..he must think I'm the baby.

Hubby has been on reservist for the past 2 weeks and he's into his 3rd and final week. Last week, he was only home about 2 days and since Monday,he's stuck on some navy ship somewhere and is totally uncontactable.

I think tomorrow will be his last day onboard..Hope he'll be home soon. Really miss him man...And I know Aidan misses his daddy too :(
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