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Aidan - 10 days old beginning to feel more like a mother of a new borne baby - tired and am lacking sleep!!

Aidan has been pretty fidgety lately, especially after his feed. He simply refuses to sleep and will just look at us with his unblinking eyes..He likes to be rocked so he would start making noises till we pick him up to cuddle him. It's still okay during the daytime but when he does that in the middle of the night, waliao..! Thankfully I have the confinement nanny with me..or else I would be totally exhausted! The greatest achievement now is to be able to rock him to sleep at the quickest time ever and not have him wake up when we place him in his cot...

Hmm..the Malay massage seems to be working. Have gone through two sessions so far and last check, I've lost abt 2+kg. I was about 67kg [put on abt 17kg] during my pregnancy and upon discharge from the hospital, I was about 59kg. I'm now about 56kg so I got about 7-8 more kg to go before I reach my pre-pregnany weight!! Hopefully, I should be able to do so by Aidan's first month celebration. I think I should start going to the gym downstairs as soon as my stitches don't hurt that much..Hopefully, that would be in about a week's time...*cross fingers*..Damn. I do seemed like I'm really obsessed with the weight thingy eh. Yeah..I'm superficial!

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