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pics and video taken yesterday evening :)

Video of the day :
Aidan found a new way to eat his pear


I'm supposed to be packing Aidan's stuff now so that I won't be frantic later on but I'm procrastinating as usual (the flight's at 7+am tomorrow morning). There's so much stuff to bring 'coz of the li' bugger..His clothes take up more space than mine in my suitcase since I gotta bring tons of spare just in case he decides to merlion on the plane, in the taxis/subways/train [touch wood]..Extra toiletries just for the li' one, diapers, packet food, tidbits, milk powder, medicine, toys, books, his smelly pig..(hope I didn't forget anything) it meant that I have to bring one more suitcase especially for him. Was actually intending to bring a portable dvd player along but decided not to afterall. I'm sure he can do without Wheels and High5 for a few days .

Heh..I hope Aidan will enjoy this short holiday in Hong Kong. Wish his daddy could make it but he wasn't able to take leave especially since he'd just completed his 3 weeks reservist. Hopefully, we'll go to Australia as a family sometime end of the year :)

Looking forward to having dinner with Mong meganmacy & her family on Thursday evening and Ocean Park with the li' chio bus (Megan, Macy & Claudia) and the lao chios (Mong & Tracey hehe) on Friday.Aidan will have the company of so many chabors and his poor mommy will be hubby-less~
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