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Aidan@HK :)

Yeah..both of us returned from HK on Tuesday safe and sound :) I think Aidan enjoyed himself [when he was awake] . He was so gwai while travelling 'coz he slept most of the time when we were in a moving vehicle..and would usually continue to zzz for about 2 hours or more. Here's proof [yeah, smelly piggy went to HK too].

Presenting to u..the Zzzzz monster..

Zzzzz on the way to HK in the plane/at the Lamma Island ferry and tru out dinner

Zzzz at Teddybear Kingdom..

Zzzzz at Ocean Park/in the Mtrs

Zzz on the way down from the Peak

Zzz on the way back to Singapore..

He was such a sleepy head that I had to wake him up on several occasions so that he won't miss the sights and attractions..especially in places like Ocean Park.

It was great in a way because it gave us opportunity to shop (in peace) and enjoy our lunch/dinner (esp at Lamma Island). But when he was awake, he was extremely hyper and active and refused to stay in his stroller. He also didn't want to be carried much either. So, we indulged him and let him walk/run as much as he could..And he was such a happy camper becuz of that! We all took turns holding on to him, chasing after him, ensuring that he didn't bump into other pple or objects.

Hong Kong was not a very kids- friendly place in that it wasn't very convenient travelling with a child on a stroller. Thankfully, I had mom-in-law with me coz I wouldn''t be able to manage those long flights of stairs alone with the li' one. My mom and sis, evonnetay flew in on Sunday and we had more help then. The li' bugger had 4 of us adult women running after him most of the time.

This time round in HK, I covered more [touristy] places. We went to Ocean Park & Teddybear Kingdom and the Peak especially for Aidan, went Stanley Market, Ladies Street and shopping at the megamalls like Harbour City and Times Square at Causeway Bay and the obscure shops and factory outlets. The weather was good, not as warm & humid as Singapore. It was only rainy on Friday and the rest of the week we had loads of sun. Food was fab as usual..we ate mostly around our hotel area at Jordan (Kowloon) and most of the stuff we had was scrumptious. We had really good service too and Aidan was treated like a li' prince by the waitresses..He was ordering them about in his baby language and they were all fawning over him hehe..Cute lah! Oh, we had loads of deserts, especially the mango iced pudding. Aidan lurrrves it. I'm usually an icecream person and not into chinese deserts but the ones in HK tasted really good.

It was a good trip and I enjoyed myself alot...especially with Aidan, my mom, sis and my mom-in-law around. It was great to have been able to catch up with Mong meganmacy & Tracey claudiacheng with their kids too. I wish hubby could have made the trip too but I guess he would ended up looking after Aidan while we shopped away merrily hehe.
Here's some of the pics taken..

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