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Bully Kitchy Aidan..

aah..that's better :)

Aidan isn't one to show much feelings usually..Even when us parents or my in-laws goes out and leaves him in the house, he'll just waves goodbye to us and walk away to his toys nonchalently.

But yesterday evening, when li' Chloe came visiting and after the both of them played their hearts out together, he was truly desolate when her parents decided that it was time to call it a day. He had this really sad look as he saw her parents carrying her out of the door and started biting his lower lips, and his tears threatened to flow. Looks like a playmate is more important than kin to him.

The li' one has been picking up some bad traits recently. He's quite a bully now. He's taken to shoving people..even those bigger sized than him..and it's not because they'd encroach upon his personal space. He actually seems to delight in pushing them. Like yesterday with Chloe (who's abt 1/2 head taller than him), he'll go up to her and uses his palm to give her a hard push..Because she is much stronger than him, Chloe was able to balance herself..and after a few unsuccessful tries, the li' one scampered behind her gleefully and started shoving her from the back.And he was doing that with us at the side reprimanding him. And it's not coz he doesn't want to play with her. They play along fine actually but he seemed to just decide at the spur of the moment that pushing Chloe was fun. When we were in HK and he was in the play area at Times Square and Cafe Deco at the Peak, he did the same too to the kids who wanted to enter the playzone. And I think he also shoved Mongmeganmacy's Macy a few times though he didn't do it to Tracey claudiacheng's Claudia..

Am not sure how I should stop him from doing this. I remember June bbhome used to have this problem with li' Ryan too..Must ask her how she dealt with it.
Some pics of Aidan & Ryan when Rachel sonday
and we brought them to Compass Point yesterday afternoon .:)

Yellow bug..up high in...

Here's another costume I bought for Aidan in Hong Kong...Thought it was really cute although Aidan hated wearing the antenna-hairband and kept on removing it from his head. But he looked so cute running around in the bug costume...
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