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A Walk in the Garden..:)

We brought the li' one to Botanic Gardens yesterday afternoon. It was ze perfect day to do so. The weather was really cool and there was a soft breeze blowing..

Heh..the last time I'd been to the Botanic Gardens was *ahem* during my younger (pre-hubby) 'paktor' days. I'd never realised that the garden grounds was really quite lovely with it's lush greenery, beautiful manicured gardens and an abundance of flora and fauna. Aidan was in his element especially with the huge expanse of space for him to run about and he did so gleefully. My bro Stephen and his wifey Jen joined us so they helped to chase after the li' bugger as he tore down the garden pathway.

We had English high tea at Halia Restaurant which was located within the foliage of Ginger Garden. The food was scrumptious - the sandwiches was delicious and the cakes well-made. Aidan loved the danish pastry and the fluffy raisin scones. The ambience was amazing too. I definitely won't mind going back there again. A romantic dinner at a 'jungle-lit' restaurant would be nice :)

Met up with June bbhome (who stays just 10 minutes away) and she came prepared with bread crumbs so that li' Ryan and Aidan could feed the tortoises and fishes in the pond. And then later we let the kids run wild on the grasspatch.

Hmm..we should plan a picnic there one of these days. And I must remember to bring a beach ball then becuz the li' one 'attacked' any balls that he saw..and in some occasions, snatched it from another kid who was blissfully playing with it. Paiseh man!

Took lotsa photos as usual. I dunno why but I love this series of pics even though most of them didn't turn out very clear. Oh..and if anyone's checking out the picture album, there's a bird question in there which maybe someone u can enlighten us so that next time, we can tell the kids the name of it instead of calling it 'bird'~
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