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The Bussss Experiment...

Oooh..I really do love the reality show - The Amazing Race. It's the 3rd installment already but the show's still just as good! Today's ep was sooooo exciting and darn,my most hated pair was almost eliminated but by some fluke and a mistake from another pair, they are still in the race.. My faves are still the ditsy himbo double D twins and the clownish pair - Ken & Gerald. Wonder when will the teams be heading for Asia..Hopefully, Singapore will be one of the pitstops. That will be real kewl!! Btw, Kevin from TAR1 is actually flying in to Singapore TODAY and he should be here for abt a month. I know he has lotsa fans in Singapore so I guess he would be having a good time here!!

So..what did I do today? Well, I intentionally took a public bus. Hm, I gotta admit, I'm one who always takes cabs..and even if there aren't any around, I will call for a cab and pay that extra charge.. Yesh, yesh..I'm spoilt but at least now, I can justify it with my current penguin-like condition :)...Anyway, I decided to take the bus from Orchard Rd back home to see if anyone would offer their seat to preggy ol' me hee~ Yes - it is an experiment.

Well, I took the bus from the bus-stop opposite The Specialist Shopping Centre at abt 5pm..Though it wasn't exactly filled with people, most of the seats were taken up. I then made my way up the bus and started eyeballing the people on the seats. No one looked at me :(... A while later, I noticed a young lady - she looked like a poly student, who was sitting in the seat in front of me but next to the window..she slowly made her way out..And I was like ..Yesh!! She's gonna offer her seat to me..BUT, she then nodded to this other PREGNANT lady who was standing abt 3 seats away to take the seat!!! Arghhhh!!!!

I ended up standing almost throughout the entire trip in the bus (the bus emptied out later so I managed to sit for at least 3 stops *sigh*). I then called my hubby to complain abt it.

He was like "Erm..mebbe u don't look pregnant!"
I was like.."Eh!! Look at my bulging can I not look pregnant????!!"
Hubby :"Errr..mebbe u just look FAT!!!!!"

Arghhhhhhh!!!! I'm now in my 3rd trimester, abt 30 weeks pregnant, put on at least 10 kg *sobsob* so far, have a big,jutting tummy AND nobody offers their seat to me in a public bus...and he dares says I merely look fat..bleah..sad!sad!sad!

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