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Zara/Mango hates me...

I'd finally entered a Zara boutique! Had purposely avoided visiting Zara when it opened last year when I was preggy because I dreaded to see nice clothings when I was in that beluga state. However, I should have known better..None of those clothes at Zara would have fitted me..just like Mango clothings! I know tons of my gfs lurveeee Mango and would go crazy during it's sale. But me..nah! Coz I look awful in all their clothes and there is something about Mango's changing room that I detest. Always feel like I'll end up falling onto the next cubicle and embarrassing myself somehow..

Likewise, Zara clothings look horrendous on me too! *sigh*..I think I shall just stick to buying clothes from Mphosis [when poor] & DKNY/Song&Kelly [when richer]..Have to face the fact that my closet will mainly consist of clothes in different shades of brown/grey/beige and black.

Had actually hoped to buy something nice for myself while shopping yesterday. I 'sneaked' out of the house in the afternoon, telling the confinement nanny that I had to spend some gift vouchers before they expired [ was a half-truth. I had gift-vouchers but they weren't gonna expire anytime soon :P]. However,I ended up buying mainly stuff for the baby - a pack of brightly colored bodysuits, a pack of 3 sleepsuits,a pair of blue rabbit booties, and some baby products -> all from Mothercare [thanks bro for the $150 gift voucher :) ], a Winnie the Pooh 8 piece mattress/cot set from Takashimaya [gift voucher courtesy of hubby's colleagues heh :) ] and a baby photo album. Bah..almost everything was for the baby. Badly in need of some retail theraphy for myself, I bought a pair of slip-ons from PrettyFit..and oh, also collected my Poka Ciboy set from Pixtoons.

Am doing spring cleaning today..starting with my closet. I have tons of clothes/bags/shoes to discard and am wondering what I should do - throw or give them away? Or I could try to set up a stall at some flea market and sell them cheaply? I do have some nice stuff which I seldom use, especially the bags and shoes, which are almost brand new.. Should I post some of these items online and see if people are interested???

Resolution for 2003 : Buy less clothes and shoes..!!!
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