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I still ♥ his lashes!! Why are mine so straight??!

Ok..I was offered the job. Was asked to go down to the office to look thru the letter of appointment next week. Quite fast eh! I went for the first interview last Tuesday, the 2nd interview on Thursday and by the end of the week, they offered me the job :) I guess it pays to be so crazy over TV programmes :P The interviews for this job and the one with my ex-company were the easiest and most relaxing ones I'd ever experienced.

Initially, I was regretting a li' for not asking for a higher salary. I had only asked for my last drawn pay at my ex-company which I thought was only fair because I hadn't worked for almost 2 years. But after the interviews, I was kinda sure that if I'd asked for more, they would have still given me the job. Anyway, they offered me a pay that was actually a li' more than what I'd asked for so I don't feel so bad anymore hee~

I admit..there were times when I did regret leaving my previous company. Most of the ex-colleagues have gotten promoted and should be earning quite good money now. The channel is doing really well with them acquiring most of the hit tv shows from US and getting solid ratings and winning the 'Channel of the Year'. Lotsa buzz now with Singapore Idol ard the corner too. But then again, if I'd stayed there, I wouldn't have gotten the chance to literally watch Aidan grow from a scrawny newborne to this scrappy, noisy and adorable toddler that he is now.

Some have queried abt my decision to go back to work and how this would impact Aidan. I've written about this before ..I'd always knew that my time as a SAHM would be temporary because I truly can't see myself as one for the rest of my life. I know I'm fortunate because hubby earns enough to let us live comfortably without me contributing financially. But honestly, I've always felt guilty taking money from him. Those trips I'd taken (Hong Kong, New York) and expensive treatments (teeth whitening) or buys, I pay for my share using my savings. It's not because he doesn't want to pay for's just that I rather use my own money. Heh quite stupid eh! The allowance he gives to me is spent mainly on Aidan..that's why I can afford to spurge so much on the li' one. Also, hubby has to pay for all the household expenditure and plus his own bills (eg. car loan, taxes etc) which is quite hefty. I rather he save as much money for the future. With me working again, I can at least start saving [or recouping the dough that I've spent] and also help out in some of the household expenditure. I guess Aidan being an independent child also helps. He's really an easy-going kid who can adapt well to different environment and people.

Lotsa stuff to prepare for now that I'm rejoining the workforce. We'll probably get a full-time maid soon..hopefully one who is able to cook well so that we'll finally get to enjoy home-cooked food (anyone with with a good transfer maid to recommend, pls let me know). My in-laws will be around to supervise the maid so the li' one so should be fine and I probably will sign him up for some enrichment classes so that he won't be stuck at home most of the time. I also have to start buying more work clothes, shoes and makeup . And if possible, we'll see if we can take another short holiday with Aidan..probably somewhere nearby like Malaysia, Bintan or Bali. Too bad it's winter in Australia now or else that could be an option too.

I ♥ looking at photos of Aidan when he was a newborne..He was such a small li' baby (only 2.7kg) when he was borne and he's grown so much since. I remember when I first posted pics of him in my journal, everyone was going 'sooo cute' and I was thinking to myself that you guys were being diplomatic coz he wasn't really that cute *coff*. He had small squinty eyes, a flat nose and a ruddy complexion then but after a month or 2, he started putting on weight (he was such a milk guzzler) and turned into a chubby li' baby. I really do miss those baby days..

Heh..yeah, this is just but an excuse to show off some of his baby pics again :P..

Dec 02 (few days old)

Jan 03

Feb 03

Mar 03

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