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of maids & playschools~


Spent the past few days checking out various maid agencies...and listening to friends' experiences with their maids. I think the one that took the cake was this tale told to my hubby by his ex-colleague and current smoking kaki.

Apparently, the ex-maid was with the fella's household for a whole 3 months when she decided to pilfer dough from them. They'd became more 'comfy' with her in their house and began leaving their wallets lying around. She then promptly ran away from their place after they discovered the theft. Fortunately, he bought the maid insurance so he only lost abt $200+ instead of the whole freaking $5000 - which is what u pay MOM if your maid disappears on you. Anyway, 5 days later after she had absconded with the moolah, she was found murdered in Batam..

When I heard the story, I didn't know whether to be horrified or laugh. When one hires a maid, theft and murder would be the last thing one would expect to happen (though the former is more common I guess) Oh well, I guess after hearing all these scary-maid stories, I'm more mentally prepared should anything happen *choi choi choi* But to be fair, some of my friends also have good maids who are able to care of their kids and can cook fatabulously well too. Hope I'll be just as fortunate.

This afternoon, we decided to start our search for a suitable playgroup for Aidan. We thought we'll first look for one near my place. Never realised that there were sooooo many of them within the vincinity of Hougang/Punggol area. We made the mistake of letting Aidan enter the premises during the first 3 schools we visited. He was ecstatic when he saw all the toys around and starting 'attacking' them immediately. We had to pry the playthings from him when it was time to leave and not surprisingly, he kpkb like crazy . So in the end, dad had to stay in the car with the bugger while mom and I checked out the rest of the schools.

In one first few nursery/schools we visited, we were chatting with one of the teachers when Aidan started squealing and running about happily, with a toy in his hands.. "He's such a hyper li' boy!" I commented with a smile on my face. The lady teacher replied gravely "Yes he is very hyperactive. Did the doctor say so too?" I was blur for a while ..and simply shrugged it off.

But after a while, her comment started to bug me 'coz I'd then realised (yeah, slow huh!) what she'd actually meant. I am aware that [over-]hyperactivity in a child is sometimes associated with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) or ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). But I never knew that the word hyperactive has such a negative connotation. Was I using the wrong term which then led to the teacher forming such an impression of Aidan? She did have a worried look on her face after that. Should I be pissed with her for jumping to such a conclusion or am I just being overly sensitive?


Felt much better after booking tickets for Mamma Mia! and Michael Chiang's Private Parts using hubby's credit card. Retail therapy really works :P..

ikepod, remember to revert about Dimsum eh..I wanna see you-know-who as one of the *coff* 'hunky, extremely meaty & chunky juicy men'!

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Jun. 16th, 2004 02:55 pm (UTC)
was it the teacher's first day teaching?! wah lau.. most kids at this age is liddat wat.... dun bother abt her la... :)
Jun. 17th, 2004 04:50 am (UTC)
heh thanks..was just a tad pissed at her for a while..u know lah, me typical mom who's pissed at anyone who dares insult my child hehehe..

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