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Old Navy?

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Just curious, would anyone be interested if I were to organise an Old Navy Spree..Was checking the website and some of the children's clothes are kinda nice and rather cheap too especially with the summer discounts. Will use Vpost USA to order and ship the apparels to Singapore and the shipping cost is to be shared. It apparently takes about 3 weeks plus for this to be done The adult wear is so-so though..mainly casual stuff. Bear in mind I'm a newbie at this so I'm gonna try it out for the first time :) May try to order from Ambercrombie the next time round...

Little Boy's stuff

Boy's Shirt - USD4.99/Swimshirt - USD3.99/Sandals - USD7.99

Little Girl's stuff

Polo Shirt set :10.99/Capri set : USD6.99/tankini's : USD6.25/Crochet Espradilles :USD6.50

This is roughly how shipping cost via Vpost USA will be charged based on a hypothetical total order of USD180 (20 items)

Total Order: USD 180 (20 items)
Vpost Charges: USD 180 x 1.75 x 10% + S$6.99 = S$38.49
Shipping per item: S$38.49/20 items = S$1.93

*exchange rate based on USD1= SGD1.75
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