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2nd time round..

Thought this would be of interest to some people so I shall link it here. Got it from valska's journal. You can check her journal out for pics of Eye for a Guy..

Casting Call
We are currently looking for women interested in being on the 2nd
season of "Eye For A Guy"

Remember Sivert from Eye For A Guy?
The sweet, down-to-earth guy who beat out 9 others, swept Rachel off
her feet, and won the trip to Paris with her. However, after the final
whistle, he was outplayed by runner-up Mark, who cut in and ruined any
hopes he previously had of a future with Rachel.
Because nice guys shouldn’t finish last, this time we’re giving Sivert
his chance to find the right girl from a pool of 10.

The Prize?
A romantic getaway with Sivert worth $10,000

The Catch?
There’s another prize- $10,000 in cold hard cash

The Premise?
You get to play for only one or the other, and Sivert won't know who's
playing for what.

If you choose to play for the trip with Sivert and he picks you, the
both of you are off to a romantic destination together.
If you choose to play for the $10,000- convince him to pick you at the
end of it all and the cash is yours to keep.

We are looking for women who are:
- Single
- Attractive
- Eloquent
- Outgoing and confident
- Between 19 and 30 years old

Interested in playing?
Note: Don't reveal if you want to play for the trip with Sivert or the
$10K prize.


Wah! SGD10k leh!! They seldom give out that much money for a local production. I mean come often do u see people winning huge sums of moolah in WWTBAM..most contestants usually walking away with a mere 1k. But oh man, not sure if 10k is worth the amount of scrutiny and criticisms they are gonna face when the show starts.

Heh..somehow, I think most of the girls will choose the 10k option. I mean, she can possibly end up with the guy and cold hard cash as opposed to a dreamy/honeymoony getaway holiday with no shopping money!

Only just realised (after commenting on valska's lj) that the acronym for 'Eye for a Guy' is EFAG..hiaks!
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