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belated update @my weekend..

The weekend was spent shopping and watching The O.C. (which oiseauxbleu passed me) Yeah, I'm slow. I'd only started watching the show everyone's raving about just few days ago because I'd missed the first ep when it was on tv so I thought I'd rather watch the rest of the eps only after I'd manage to get hold of ep 1. Man..I was hooked after I watched the pilot ep..Gorgeous skinny gals and boys, beautiful threads, luxurious houses..what more can I ask for! I'd always liked Peter Gallager and it's great to watch a show which centres ard young people where the adults seems to have interesting lines and plots (unlike the poor Walshes in 90210). Oh..and I finally realised why Marissa's mom, Julie looks so familiar! Lady Heather from C.S.I.!!!!

Shopping was great too. Okay..I take back what I previously said about Zara. I hated Zara before coz none of the clothes there fit me when I first went there (which was about 3 mths after I'd given birth). I felt like a bloated hippo when I tried on the clothes there then and they were all L sizes. This time round, the experience was so different. Yeah..I still have to try on L for most of the stuff but I fit into some M too and the clothes there were gorgeous..Love the colorful frothy summer dresses and frilly skirts. Oh..and chanced upon this shop at Stamford House The clothes are pretty unique but very wearable too..*arghh* I'm broke now!!

When I started looking for jobs and going for interviews, I only had one decent workwear. It was a dress bought the day before my first interview I was called for during my jobhunt early this year. And so I wore the same brown dress everytime I went for an interview. But for one of the jobs, I was asked back for a second interview and so I had to quickly go shop for another work outfit so that I won't be wearing the same dress twice. Very cham. That was how pathetic the state of my workwear wardrobe was. So many outfits in it but none of them fit *sob*. Thankfully I'd bought some pants and jacket suits when I was in Hong Kong (I'd this strong feeling that I would be rejoining the workforce soon then). But I realised after going tru all the possible combinations mentally that those clothes can last me for at most a week and after that I have to recycle them all again. Man..I have no idea whether the fashion has changed much for workwear but from the looks of it, it seems to be about the same. People here seems to stick to the neutrals like black, brown, grey and whites whereas in HK, I saw lotsa ladies in pastels and bright colored suits..

Okay..for those who expressed interest in joining in the Old Navy spree, can u email me your selections stating the reference no, model, color, price in USD and the url of the page if possible. I will collate all the orders and tabulate the cost and then revert on how much u guys need to pay me. I would need to collect money first eh. Please do it within the next few days. Cut off date will be this Thursday, 24th June.

My email addy is

Haven't taken much pics lately..Still not getting the hang of my new camera (erm okay, i've not actually read the manual yet) some of the pics I took came out rather blur. Just wondering, does anyone know how do I crop pics 'evenly' so that they all have the same width & length?

Here's some taken during our hightea session at Goodwood Hotel with June bbhome, Ashley ashleyneo and Lina manichon. Won't have much time left to do all this 'tai-tai' stuff anymore..


Will be heading down to Bintan this weekend. We'll be staying at the Nirwana Resort Hotel.They have a pretty good promotion on now - a 3D2N package at SGD175 per pax inclusive of hotel room, ferry tickets, buffet breakfast and dinner. In-laws will be joining us too so hubby and I can take sometime off to enjoy the spa facilities while Aidan's with them.

Just a li' R&Rfor all of us before I start work :)
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