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Will be including Gap in the 'shopping spree' too. Just a note, most of the time when the order is made, the item could be out of order already because sales item sells out really fast. That's why I'm including Gap in this spree. Will skip Ambercrombie for now because they apparently have an extra handling charge..

Another note. There is will be a sales tax on the items and because Vpost orders from California, it's about 9%. So bear in mind that the total amount could be anything between 13-20% more. That's why I will just be ordering the sales item because it's really not worth it ordering the non-sales stuff. Someone told me that if the order is less than SGD300, GST will be applicable. Anyone can confirm on this? If this is the case, I'll split the orders up to a few packages if they are more than USD180 combined.

Will still stick with tomorrow as the closing date coz if I don't order soon, there won't be anything left to order. eyeing these tops for Aidan :)

USD9.99 for each!
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