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@Anny's home yesterday....

Yesterday, we had a major 'ljmummies gathering as Anny daynema opened her house for us all..It was mainly to welcome the homecoming of Mongmeganmacy, Hsiencottontimer and Tracey claudiacheng. Unfortunately, Tracey couldn't come back in time as Hong Kong was hit with a typhoon on the day of her departure (she should be back today) and when I reached Anny's place at late afternoon, Hsien had already left..But there were tons of familes there and loads of food!!!!! Had a great time catching up with some of the moms especially since I haven't had time to meet them much since I started working. Anny, thanks for your great hospitality!!

hee..reunion of the

That's Anny's hand by the way..trying to get Aidan to make his move on Macy..hehe

The future mom-in-laws :)

ala SATC hehe..(left - Mong, Ashley, Moi & June)

meganmacy & li' Macy, bbhome with Ryan...

mameo with Natasha, laurapoon with Caleb..

jinsiew's Gabe and ashleyneo's Tiffany

Rachel sonday's Ryan and Anny's Dayne having their milk..

Proud Daddy Edward & Megan

Group pic....

Group pic with host Anny in the, where's Dayne ah??!!


Yesterday was a good day :) I had a few comments from people that I've slimmed down (man, i'm so vain!). In the morning, dad-in-law said that I seemed to have lost weight..he said I looked smaller..this coming from someone who had always said I was flabby (jokingly hehe)..Then my regular masseuse remarked after my massage that my waist is much smaller now..And at Anny's place, a few of the moms said the same thing. I know i didn't lose much weight kilo-wise but i've certainly lost inch-wise. I guess all that activity as a result of me working has helped :)

But oh man, nothing can beat one of the moms, Sharon nining..She really lost so much weight (looks like more than 10kg) and she looked really good & toned. And she did it by jogging everyday for the last 4 months. Wish I have that much discipline to do something like that...

I guess my updating of livejournal will be a weekly affair instead of the regular updates I used to do.. It's been only 2 weeks on the job and I'm still not getting used to the early wakeup hours and my body and mind shuts down from 11pm onwards. I miss chatting with the regulars (u know who you are) on msn and reading other people journals and commenting. Most of the remaining 'strength' is used to play with Aidan when I'm back home.
Hope my body and timeclock is able to settle down soon..Man, I am getting old! And *arghh* birthday is just next week..Turning one year older man..!!

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