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@Anny's home yesterday....

Yesterday, we had a major 'ljmummies gathering as Anny daynema opened her house for us all..It was mainly to welcome the homecoming of Mongmeganmacy, Hsiencottontimer and Tracey claudiacheng. Unfortunately, Tracey couldn't come back in time as Hong Kong was hit with a typhoon on the day of her departure (she should be back today) and when I reached Anny's place at late afternoon, Hsien had already left..But there were tons of familes there and loads of food!!!!! Had a great time catching up with some of the moms especially since I haven't had time to meet them much since I started working. Anny, thanks for your great hospitality!!

hee..reunion of the erm..love-birds.

That's Anny's hand by the way..trying to get Aidan to make his move on Macy..hehe

The future mom-in-laws :)

ala SATC hehe..(left - Mong, Ashley, Moi & June)

meganmacy & li' Macy, bbhome with Ryan...

mameo with Natasha, laurapoon with Caleb..

jinsiew's Gabe and ashleyneo's Tiffany

Rachel sonday's Ryan and Anny's Dayne having their milk..

Proud Daddy Edward & Megan

Group pic....

Group pic with host Anny in the middle..eh, where's Dayne ah??!!


Yesterday was a good day :) I had a few comments from people that I've slimmed down (man, i'm so vain!). In the morning, dad-in-law said that I seemed to have lost weight..he said I looked smaller..this coming from someone who had always said I was flabby (jokingly hehe)..Then my regular masseuse remarked after my massage that my waist is much smaller now..And at Anny's place, a few of the moms said the same thing. I know i didn't lose much weight kilo-wise but i've certainly lost inch-wise. I guess all that activity as a result of me working has helped :)

But oh man, nothing can beat one of the moms, Sharon nining..She really lost so much weight (looks like more than 10kg) and she looked really good & toned. And she did it by jogging everyday for the last 4 months. Wish I have that much discipline to do something like that...

I guess my updating of livejournal will be a weekly affair instead of the regular updates I used to do.. It's been only 2 weeks on the job and I'm still not getting used to the early wakeup hours and my body and mind shuts down from 11pm onwards. I miss chatting with the regulars (u know who you are) on msn and reading other people journals and commenting. Most of the remaining 'strength' is used to play with Aidan when I'm back home.
Hope my body and timeclock is able to settle down soon..Man, I am getting old! And *arghh*..my birthday is just next week..Turning one year older man..!!

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Jul. 17th, 2004 10:09 pm (UTC)
Aidan has grown! and you definitely hv slimmed down! anyway, u don't look your age woman! Happy Birthday 2u in advance!
Jul. 18th, 2004 06:55 am (UTC)
thanks thanks!
U came later ah? We all left abt 7pm leh! U must have gone there rather late!
Jul. 17th, 2004 10:23 pm (UTC)
Heh... looks like you guys had loads of fun. :) Oh, and where exactly are you working now anyway?
Jul. 18th, 2004 06:55 am (UTC)
im with sphmediaworks now...
(no subject) - timroy - Jul. 18th, 2004 07:04 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - angeliatay - Jul. 18th, 2004 07:09 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - timroy - Jul. 18th, 2004 07:21 am (UTC) - Expand
Jul. 17th, 2004 10:49 pm (UTC)
Wah! My daughter like very samseng, angie got no nicer pic of tiff ah! hehehe..
Jul. 18th, 2004 04:06 am (UTC)
I actually tot tiffany looks very demure in the pic - her dress covering her legs and all.
(no subject) - ashleyneo - Jul. 18th, 2004 04:10 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - timroy - Jul. 18th, 2004 07:05 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - ashleyneo - Jul. 18th, 2004 04:12 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - timroy - Jul. 18th, 2004 06:58 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - angeliatay - Jul. 18th, 2004 07:06 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - angeliatay - Jul. 18th, 2004 06:56 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - timroy - Jul. 18th, 2004 07:00 am (UTC) - Expand
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(no subject) - angeliatay - Jul. 18th, 2004 06:53 am (UTC) - Expand
Jul. 17th, 2004 11:14 pm (UTC)
wah! u really lost a lot of weight man! n u look so fabulous in all the photos :) so envious.....
Jul. 18th, 2004 06:57 am (UTC)
thanks thanks..but didnt lose weight but happen to lose inches..feel better too esp with all the clothes feeling more loose..:)
(no subject) - beanbeanz - Jul. 18th, 2004 07:49 pm (UTC) - Expand
Jul. 17th, 2004 11:40 pm (UTC)
Congrats abt the new job! So how has the past 2weeks on the job been? Does Aidan cope well with you going to work?
Jul. 18th, 2004 06:58 am (UTC)
past 2 weeks have been really exhausting..not that the work is tough..just that my body wasnt able to cope with my new early schedule. I'd always been zz till late mornin n having late nights..now everythin change liao!
Jul. 18th, 2004 01:58 am (UTC)
Aidan very big boy now hahah.. MACY too! I almost didn't recognise Macy and Megan has shorter hair.. haha..

Jul. 18th, 2004 06:59 am (UTC)
yeah..i was surprised when i saw megan too. She looks like a china-doll now hehe..

eh..not babies liao! All toddlers!
Jul. 18th, 2004 02:23 am (UTC)
So zhun you and Aidan right in the middle of the group pics. Heh. Or did you engineer that.......... :P

Eh since we missed out on kopi today, dinner next week? With WC? Sometime around your birthday?
Jul. 18th, 2004 07:00 am (UTC)
waliao *kbish*..i never engineer lah but yeah hor..right centre hor hehe..

can can..dinner! wat abt thursday night? u guys choose the place..
(no subject) - oiseauxbleu - Jul. 18th, 2004 11:12 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - e_rambler - Jul. 21st, 2004 04:28 pm (UTC) - Expand
Jul. 18th, 2004 03:28 am (UTC)
Beautiful pics looks like everyone had fun and Aidan and Macy finally got to meet up again *wink*
Too bad I couldn't attend cos of work! :S
Jul. 18th, 2004 07:01 am (UTC)
eh..u working now? at a childcare again?
actually, most of them stayed till v late..we left at abt 7pm but there were still many of them who stayed even later. Too bad or could have met u...near ur place somemore..
(no subject) - sansation - Jul. 18th, 2004 08:42 am (UTC) - Expand
Jul. 18th, 2004 05:35 am (UTC)
happy advanced birthday greeting to u! You look young and what better present than some inchs loss :)
Jul. 18th, 2004 06:54 am (UTC)
heh i wanted to comment this to you too when i met u on the way out. U looked like u slim down alot too leh!
(no subject) - rexkids - Jul. 19th, 2004 05:31 pm (UTC) - Expand
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 18th, 2004 06:48 am (UTC)
Kudos to that! I was just about to make that same comment :)
(no subject) - angeliatay - Jul. 18th, 2004 06:52 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - ashleyneo - Jul. 18th, 2004 07:47 am (UTC) - Expand
Jul. 18th, 2004 06:15 am (UTC)
hehe...love all the pixs...esp. Aidan and Macy :) you adults ah...start them young, teach them tricks huh :P

sorry i couldn't come earlier to catch up with you..and yes you do look slimmer!!! wah i am so envious ah!! :)

it took me one month to get used to the early waking hours...i must have one cup of coffee at least in the morning, sometimes two....
Jul. 18th, 2004 07:04 am (UTC)
i dun drink coffee!! I have nothing to keep me awake leh! Maybe i should start drinking it hor!

will c if i can take leave one of these days and go out with u guys. I supposedly have 3 days to clear..u take leave then too hehe..I miss going out 'tai-tai-ing'.
(no subject) - jinsiew - Jul. 18th, 2004 09:19 am (UTC) - Expand
Jul. 18th, 2004 06:41 am (UTC)
I have to agree you have slim down! And you look more radiant too! Good for you!

Happy Birthday to you in advance!!!
Jul. 18th, 2004 07:03 am (UTC)
thanks jasmine!
Jul. 18th, 2004 06:52 am (UTC)
You look my age loh seriously!
Jul. 18th, 2004 07:02 am (UTC)
how old are u ah hehe..
but i guess most of us asians generally look younger..but *sigh* ..the lines n wrinkles are more obvious now..
(no subject) - ameliatan - Jul. 18th, 2004 07:11 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - angeliatay - Jul. 18th, 2004 07:13 am (UTC) - Expand
Jul. 18th, 2004 09:43 am (UTC)
Hey.. you really look so GOOD and SLIM!!! Keep it up!

I remembered your birthday, cos' it's the same as my own brother! And I also remembered you had quite an event last year, losing your HP, finding it back, and guess what? Your hubby got you a NEW one!!! So this time round, what huh???

How come you got 3 day of leave to clear? So soon??
Jul. 19th, 2004 11:29 pm (UTC)
not really an event lah hehe..wah..i forgot abt the hf loss part leh. Ur memory is v good.

Eh..our financial year starts in Sept so the rule here is to clear all ur leave by the start of the new year and I have so far 3 leave entitlement in my 1 1/2 month here hehe..
Jul. 18th, 2004 10:33 am (UTC)
Awwww...I've missed Aidan! =)

Enjoying work so far? Anyway, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! =)
Jul. 19th, 2004 06:31 am (UTC)
work is fine..trying to get used to the early waking hours is a diff story tho..

U havent been updating that much too eh..
(no subject) - meowmeowfelicia - Jul. 23rd, 2004 05:11 am (UTC) - Expand
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