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My li' boy is ill...he was diagnosed him with bronchitis.

Actually, he fell sick on my very first day of work and his first day of playschool. It was fairly mild then..just some runny nose and we thought it would blow over pretty soon after he had taken his meds regularly. He did recover a li' and we let him go back to school by the end of the week. But I made a mistake of letting him go swimming during the weekend [yah..stupid mommy lah *sigh*] and he started to cough during the start of the 2nd week. Went to the doctor and he was given some cough meds and new runny nose meds...By mid-week, the symptoms seemed to have lessened so he went back to school again but yesterday, he seemed to get worse. He started coughing more than usual and puked while having his dinner.

Mom-in-law brought him to the doctor again this morning and doctor said it was bronchitis and he was given more meds including antibiotics...and we were told to bring him back next Monday so that she can see whether the meds are working. One of my colleague who is a mother of 3 suggested that I try TCM..Don't know how to pronounce it but she helped me write it down (in chinese of coz). She said that it worked really well for her sons. Any one tried it on their kid before?

Thankfully, for a sick child, Aidan is neither cranky nor did he have problems sleeping thru the night..even though his nose was blocked and he was wheezing quite a bit. He was still very active and jovial..leaving a trail of mucos everywhere~! Hopefully, he'll get better soon.

I know that by exposing him to so many kids in the playschool means that it'll increase the chances of falling ill..But I didn't expect him to get sick so fast. I may wait a while longer before letting him return to playschool..Just want to make sure he totally recovers. The principal of the school was really nice too. She told me that she'll make sure I'll get some of this month's school fees refunded. She even came over to visit the li' one and brought a li' gift for him. I thought it was really sweet and thoughtful of her.

I gotta admit..I can't help feeling guilty. I can't be around to care for & manja him when he's ill. I'd seen him through all his 'sick moments' during the past 18 months ..but now...*sigh* I'm really grateful to my in-laws for being there for him and that my new maid Nenita has been a great help too. Aidan is getting with comfy with her now and sometimes, when i come back from work, I see the both of them playing together and him laughing away happily. But the minute he sees me, he'll drop all the toys he's holding on to and start running towards me..That's always such a great see my li' child wanting me.

Oh..and those who went to Anny's place, I'm sorry if any of ur kids may have caught Aidan's flu..I really didn't think Aidan was that sick...*paiseh*

Teary eyes, ruddy nose and looking a li' mabok after taking his meds..

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