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my smiley Aidan :)

Heh..I'm in a very good mood today. One of my programmes got sponsored..not an easy feat since it's on Channel i...It's my first 'deal' so it makes it sweeter :)Anyway, it's one of the better programmes they have..Newlyweds, the MTV produced reality show that's about the life of the [fairly] newly-wedded couple, Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachley! So u guys, tune in to it's premiere this Friday at 9pm, just before Durian King (the one with Adrian Pang & Kym Ng - which is actually worth watching just for those 2)..[bbhome, oi..remember to ask your ahbang to tune in hor hehe]..

Okay..enough of my marketing spiel already..Another reason to be happy is that Aidan seems to be recovering well after taking the meds. Oh..thanks to you guys for the good vibes & well-wishes u'd sent to him..He is coughing lesser now and nose doesn't leak that much. Will still keep him at home for a while though. I'm really thankful that he's such a cheerful li' boy. He's always laughing and giggling especially when I'm back home from work. I guess it sorta lessen my guilt of being away from him so much...

So cute hor~!!!

And meganmacy and flipover..dinner & partying sounds like a fab idea! Eh..not a birthday celeb hor...just an excuse to gelek and relac :) Any other moms wanna have join in too? Erm wait..Mong/Trish, you guys are referring to a chabor only night out right??!! Friday or Saturday???!!

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