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Of Pimples & Double Eyelids~

Baby Aidan's pimples has still not totally cleared :( His left cheek is fine now..just a little blemish..But his right cheek is still covered with the red pimply rash. Hopefully, it will recover by this Sunday [HIS MANYUE CELEB!]! Sheesh, I'm more worried about my baby's complexion than my own. Yeah, afterall, my mom failed to teach me about the importance of good cleansing for a perfect complexion *sob* so I'm determined that my son will not suffer like me when I was young [hm..I'm still suffering actually]..

Hm..Aidan's looks is changing constantly. Initially, he seemed to have single eyelids but lately, he seems to be sprouting double eyelids..Yeah!! :)

When young..all 4 of us kids had single eyelids .. my youngest bro, Stephen's and mine were small and slitty and sis + 3rd bro's eyes were pretty big but still single heh..My type of eyes were the kind where if u rub hard enough, the folds would appear and voila, double eyelids!! I used to hate my beady eyes back then. When I was in Sec 2 [when life was starting to become more interesting-->translate : Boys! :) ], vain ol' me would always rub my eyes to give the appearance of bigger eyes so as to look more attractive.. and interestingly, the 'folds' in my eyes stayed put after my eyes became 'infected' due to the constant irritation. I had double eyelids ever since!!! My elder sis couldn't believe I'd managed to do that with the mere rubbing of eyes [and w/out visiting a plastic surgeon :P~]..I believed it was due to pure determination that I managed to have my eyes become bigger and nicer~~ Yeah, I was vain and superficial then, as I am now.. :)~
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