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red boy.. least he isn't eating the flag..this isn't against the law right?


For almost an entire month since Aidan started playschool, he'd always whined and wailed whenever we did the 'handover' [very popular word these days]... Here, I refer to the period when we drop Aidan at the playschool. He was so reluctant to leave us then, grabbing on to our shoulders and crying miserably and giving us accusing looks after the teacher has managed to pry him from our clutches. I'd always explain to him that he's just be in school for a few hours and that we'll see him in the evening when we are back from work ..but I'm not sure whether he understood. Broke our hearts for a while, wondering whether letting him go playschool was the right thing to do. But mom-in-law said when she goes to the school in the afternoon to fetch him, the li' one will be playing happily with his friends and he seems to enjoy himself alot..

But..just a few days ago, the li' bugger simply stopped crying and whining. He started by passively letting the teacher carry him and watching us walk away forlornly. But yesterday, he actually waved goodbye to us enthusiastically...

Aiyah..I know I should be happy and relieved that he's finally adapting to school and understanding that us parents aren't dumping him there jus cuz we don't wanna be with him. But..*priak* heart still breaks a li' coz he is so much more independent now..Blur confused mommy that I am..


Watched the Revenge of the Dimsum Dollies yesterday. Sam ikepod got the tiks for Mong meganmacy and I and the seats were great.The musical was awesome!! Had me in stitches throughout the entire show..I can't really decide which segments I enjoyed the most..The 'schoolgirls' one was one of my fave probably coz I'm an 'ex-convent' girl [sitting next to an ex-mgs girl hehe]. Pam as the parking pontianak was hilarious! Actually, all the 3 ladies were much talent man! Have to agree with e_rambler, the finale was fabulous...! Highly recommended!

I thought the marketing for this production was very well done..especially with Tangs adopting the DS dollies as their ambassadors for the Great Singapore Sale campaign so their dolled up faces were seen everywhere as early as end May..Interesting concept- retail-tainment. Plus the really cool Dim Sum mobile - a red volkswagon beetle convertible which the show's director Glen Goei zips ard in...Mong parked next to it yesterday :)

Met with Jaz, AJ and Sam + Jerm scorpiojerm who was one of the cupbeefcakes in the musical...And their whole cohort of friends..most who are familiar to me coz they are always featured in Sam & Jaz's colorful journals. After that, they wanted to go Happy but the q was too long so we'd adjourned to Mox instead. I think Mong & I are simply not fated to party/dance..I must was an interesting night for both us aunties. We were lamenting coz there were so many goodlooking droolsome men around but but....*sigh* ..Actually we were feeling thankful that we were already married or else we would be even more depressed. I had trouble trying to keep my eyes open after midnight though..Man, I am really getting old *sigh*

That's Sam ikepod, Mong meganmacy, moi, Jaz jaz_aug, Kenneth, ellcrius and flyingstinger and spongeman behind..


Oh..those who said they are coming over to my place this Monday..still on? Just wanna have a headcount confirmation so that i know how much food to prepare..:)

Dinner should be ard 6.30/7pm..Come at 5pm if you wanna swim :)

This is way cool!! Thanks to daynema!! Have always wanted to print out my journals especially my earlier entries during the time when I was pregnant with Aidan and my times with him when he was a newborne. Thought it would be something for Aidan to read when he grows up and he'll know what his parents went thru when he was a li' babe..Too bad that some of earlier pics I've uploaded are gone..

Only problem I see is that I have just too many entries..Not sure whether to have them done with our without the individual comments..hmmm..Just tried it out and this is just for year 2004 alone and if I include the comments, it's like 701 pages in total. Too many for me to print..Hmm..wondering what's the best way to do it..

2002-2003 LJ BOOK

takes a while to load coz there's too many pages..

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