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Cute li' Renee wearing Aidan's cap and Aidan wearing my hat :)

Aidan's started playschool again..He seems happy to be back and he's such a cheerful and active boy now..One of the great thing abt this school is that us parents can actuallly watch them via a webcam at our workplace..They have a camera installed at the assembly area. This afternoon, my galpal, Corrina, who's daughter Chloe is also attending the same school excitedly told me to check out the website where the livecam is coz Aidan was behaving so cutely in school

Here's a pic of Aidan that was captured by the webcam.</a> Quite blurry but it's quite obvious that the li' boy in the middle with the bib is Aidan :)

Corrina's mom who was there to observe her grandchild commented that Aidan really had a huge appetite plus that he eats soooo fast! She said that while most of the kids were still half-way through their lunch, my li' boy would have already finished his bowl of fruits and would be at the bathroom having his teeth brushed! Man..this boy really doesn't know how to slow down while eating! We've been telling him to eat slower but he just wouldn't listen..

But thankfully, he's gotten his appetite back. Nenita was quite distraught when she saw how skinny he'd become because of his bout of illness. She said he was so bony then. But now that he's eating alot again, his chubbyfats seemed to have returned too. :)

For a while back, the li' one was angry with me. It was about 2 -3 weeks or so after I'd started working and he'd started playschool. He would refuse to acknowledge me when I came back from work and between hubby and I, he'll show his preference for the former, wanting his daddy to carry him instead of me.

I did feel hurt..but I understood why he wasn't happy with me. He may have felt that I'd abandoned him especially since I'd been the one taking care of him since he was a babe till a few months back. Interesting how sensitive a li' child can be. Now, it seems things are back to normal again *phew*. But I admit, I had to put in some effort to 'woo' him back..spending as much of my time playing with him and making sure we have lotsa family time during the weekends. I love the feeling of being wanted by my child, selfish it may seem but i think it's a very natural motherly feeling.

*sobsob* ahbeng Sylv didn't get thru..even after spending $4 on him. Darn! But thankfully, neither did JoDong though she wasn't that irritating on tv compared to the 'live' performance. Actually, some of the singers sounded much better on tv..cept for Nataniel Ong who sounded awful in both platforms. I thought Daphne sounded like she was on helium when I heard her 'live' but she was more tv-friendly and her bubbly nature and youthfulness was captured on-air. I was expecting her to get through..and Chrissypoo too..coz he was so cute and had nice white teeth although he didn't exactly sing that well. Candice, I have to admit, I didn't think much of her performance too. I thought she didn't do justice to the song but oh well, many pple thought otherwise. And erm..sorry to be so politically incorrect but she's really not telegenic. Hazad should join Suria and be the next Malay idol and Nathanial should try Star Search or The Next Big Thing. Am sure he'll do better as an actor. And wtf is Douglas O doing as a judge. He hardly talks and if he does, it ain't very coherent. And Dick Lee was so Paula Abdul today! Ok ok..i'm honestly not much of a critic so if you know any of them, please don't hammer me.

This week's ep is the weakest amongst the 3..I found the contestants mediocre. Next week's one is better..even though they aren't exactly eye-candy. The singers were either very good or bad! Should be fun to watch (on tv).
Some pics taken last Sunday when we brought the kids to ECP :)

Heh..both hubby and Aidan's wearing similar shorts.

Mommies with our darlings :)

Eating their chocolate pocky~
Hmm..okay, Aidan had finished his pocky stick while the 2 girls are still starting on theirs~

Our 3 kiddos walking hand in hand :)

Me n my babe who's of coz more interested in what's on tv.

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