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down again...

Aidan@the zoo..feeding the goat..

*Sigh* I rejoiced too soon. Aidan's down with fever. It's actually only the 2nd time since he was born that he had fever. Temperature was quite high..about 39.8% to 40%. We were at the zoo on Friday when he started becoming feverish. Both ahbang and I were on leave that day and I'd thought that going to the zoo would be a good idea to spend some family time.

He was fine initially but much later, it was obvious something wasn't right when his forehead and body became really hot. For a while, I was afraid he was suffering from heatstroke but mil assured me that it couldn't be so. So we cut short our zoo expedition and headed home which was really fortunate because it started to rain cats & dogs the minute we reached the car.

We did everything we could to cool him down..Sponged him with tepid water, get him to drink more liquids, gave him paracetamol, put the fever patch on for him and let him lay down/sleep on the 'taxi-mat'. His temperature yo-yo-ing like crazy..dipping to 38% and then after a few hours, it got back to a high 39 again. He was also having shivers.. We got more worried & took him to the paed today. His tonsils were apparently inflamed. Said that the fever was probably due to his infected tonsils too but she wanted to rule out UTI so we have to bring him back tomorrow morning so that they can collect his urine in a sterile environment. Initially, we were worried that it could be HFMD because it seemed that lotsa kids got it recently..Aidan had an ulcer on his tongue and some sores on his mouth but the paed said Aidan most likely bit his tongue and that his dry lips was because he was feeling dehydrated.

Appetite wise..he's fine but we could tell he was having problems swallowing..Thankfully, he actually enjoys taking his meds. His temperature continued to rise and fall throughout the did his temperament. When the fever was under control, he was hyper and active, playing with his toys and running around the house gleefully. But when his temperature was over 39%, he became clingy and wanted to just lie around or watch tv. Thankfully before he slept, his temperature was normal again. Would have to monitor him closely through the night.

I really felt guilty initially for suggesting going to the zoo.. I kept reproaching myself for it. I thought that he may got infected there or that his condition wouldn't be that bad if we were at home resting. When the doctor assured me that it wasn't possible that he could have caught anything from the zoo and that he probably was infected a while ago, it made me feel slightly better. I guess what made his tonsils worse was that he had popcorn chicken at Kentucks for lunch and we let him eat alot of it..


I gotta stop having such feelings of guilt. It is stressing me out. I'm constantly wondering whether going back to work was a good idea afterall. My boy is getting sick every other week!

I do admit, I am enjoying what I'm doing now. The job isn't tough nor stressful and I like the environment and know lah, I'm so into stuff like the media & entertainment. But then again, the job/company may not be that stable especially with so many rumours going around about possible mergers and closure of stations.. Everyone in the company (and the rival company too) is awaiting for news and wondering which 'rumour' would be proven accurate.

Oh well, I guess I'll know in time to come whether I'll still have a job next year. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. Now, I just hope that Aidan becomes healthy again....
Pics at the zoo before Aidan got sick..

looking for his mommy & daddy :)

Enjoying himself at the playground

I ♥ this pic of Aidan and his dad..
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