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oh well...

It's been confirmed. Mediaworks & Mediacorp has merged & it is called Mediacorp TV Holdings. It's back to monopoly days again. Ch U will still continue but Ch i's viability will be reviewed. I guess the latter's days is doomed. Today & Streats will merge too and Today will incorporate Streats' name i in its masthead. Mediacorp will run the paper with it's 60% share in Mediacorp Press and remaining 40% owned by SPH. You can probably catch it on the news ticker on cna.

A manpower taskforce will be set up to understake a 'staff rationalisation' exercise. So currently, no one knows how many jobs will be affected but I'm sure it will be substantial even though it was said that they will try to preserve as many jobs as possible. Some of my colleagues here are discussing whether they can opt for the retrenchment benefits especially for those who has worked more than 3 years. The rest are wondering when the dreaded 'list' will be out.

Everyone here's on ROD mood already. Lotsa mixed feelings. Of course most of us here were expecting it already. I do feel for those who'd been here since the start of the station. It has been a turbulent 4 years for them and after all their hardwork and sweat, it has come to this. They deserved better but unfortunately, in 'war', only 1 will emerge victorious.

I've only been here for a mere 2+ months so I can't identify with what most of them are feeling. Of coz I feel shitty lah! I do enjoy the job and the company of the colleagues. Most of the people here are really friendly and easy to get along with. Gonna be really sad man..*sigh*

Oh well..que sera sera~
Better start scouring the recruitment pages!

Am feeling more shitty now. Supposed to join a friend to have drinks at En Vogue but I'm just not up to it. I shouldn't have any reason to be that affected especially since I'm so new to the company. It can't be that I care so much for my colleagues to be worried about their fate. Dunno lah..just feels sucky.

Everyone's asking what we should be doing now. Operationally, things are supposed to be as if it's status quo till the end of the year. But how are we expected to do our usual job (of selling the channels) after the announcement? Oh well, I guess we could entice our 'loyal' advertisers saying that they better buy spots and programme sponsorships for the next 3 mths because soon, they will never be able to enjoy such heavily discounted pricing anymore. MCS would soon be able to tell them..take it or leave it since they don't have much of a choice anymore if they want to choose the tv medium to advertise in.

Man....what a way to start a weekend. bleah :P
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