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tonite's SI :)

Hmm, am wondering why they are planning to eliminate 2 singers this week especially since Candice has withdrawn from the competition. Not sure whether this is gonna be the routine for the next few weeks. If so, Singapore Idol's gonna end earlier than I expected..

Best performance tonight came from Olinda for sure.. Definitely the most steady-pom pi-pi doubt a safe choice of song, but she easily outshone the other contestants. Sylvester was the best amongst the guys (not surprisingly) hehe. I agree with Ken , he started weak but he ended really well. He sounded like a 'chinese' singer though..coz of his enunciation I guess ['he ain't heavy, he's my brudder!')..But I thought he fared well..way better than David Yeo and Christopher Lee for sure. And he's sooooo cute :) [1900-1121911].

I thought Taufik sang well too, especially with such a karaoke song like Bryan Adam's 'Everything I do'.. Vocal-wise, Jeassea was fine but somehow, her performance seemed a li' aloof..didn't really connect with the audience I guess..Leandra suffered from a poor song-choice .I think the song that her mom picked didn't suit her voice it didn't 'come together' well, though there's no doubt that she can sing. I liked Daphne's performance tonight actually..She definitely has spunk (much spunkier than Maia imo)! Maia hmm..her song was okay but i dunno, it got a li' monotanous after a while..And I'm sure her parents didn't pick that song for her. Do they even know what the words of the chorus means?!

Now for the bad..David Yeo was truly disappointing.I think it was a bad song choice..there's like not many lyrics to the song and hmm..he started weakly and continued to be so..expected better from him somehow. And seriously, the stylists should stop putting so much makeup on him. Check out the latest 8 Days. He has so much lip gloss, eye-makeup and foundation on that he looks like a queen. I swear he has more goo on his face than all the female contestants combined. Christopher Lee was too ambitious with his song choice too and he wavered so much when he was singing.Jerry was..erm..mediocre i guess..Not much of an impression of his song...but i remembered it was better than his performance during the piano show. Beverly..erh, so-so only lah. Too much of her own interpretation of the song. And off-key at times too. I also think my personal dislike for her sorta makes me somewhat biased.

I didn't agree with most of Dick's comments tonight but I thought Ken's observation was quite spot-on. And wtf is Florence is going with the 'media' advice. I mean, most of the publicity and promo opportunity aren't planned by them..but by the promo guys from MCS and the media will chose their own faves to write about. For eg. Maia is one person whom the media seemed to love. She's forever featured in the press (i guess it's coz her life story is a good angle). [and her son Tyrese is so cute! ] Beverly is another one.. even though she's not exactly the most popular contestant. If I had to rank them tonight, this would be it..

1) Olinda
2) Sylvester
3) Jeassea
4) Taufik
5) Daphne
6) Maia
7) Leandra
8) Beverly
9) David Yeo
10/11) Jerry/Christoper - both were really weak!
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