October 20th, 2002



Was thinking that a live journal would be good for someone like me...especially since I'm not working and am basically taitai-ing at home awaiting for the birth of the little babe who is supposed to grace us with his entry some time around the end of Dec :)

I guess most of this journal will be filled with my thoughts of the little babe..it is my first you see so I'm kinda excited. Did we plan for it? Nah....though in retrospect, the timing is quite good especially since we've enjoyed almost 3 years of a DINK (Double Income No Kids) lifestyle...Hubby gotta accept the fact that he's no longer gonna be the kid in the house and hopefully, he will be prepared to help with the changing of diapers and adapt to the crazy feeding hours that babies tend to adopt. Heard that the most common phrase that new parents will utter is "Your turn!" I won't be surprised that this will be so for us too but I guess we may end up using our usual SOP in times like this - Loooom Chiamm Pass..(translate - bird,water,stone)..It tends to work tho we would usually end up arguing whether its 3 times or 5 times (I usually win you see...).

Darn, baby's kicking again..He's been like this for the past one month and me thinks that he is a Jet Li wanna be *ouch*...gotta go lie down and get some rest~
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