October 23rd, 2002


and thy name shall be....arghh!

Arghh! I need a name or rather several names to choose from for my baby boy! We've been trying to shortlist a few names and so far, there's only 2 names which I can think of and hubby has thought of a dozen names which I can't seem to agree on...

Lemme tell you what hubby's choices were : Frodo *roll eyes*, Luke *roll more*, Edward (eeew, so boring), Maxmillian *gag*, Harrison *sigh* and a few other less memorable ones. I think it was after I suggested the name Legolas that he stopped using the movies as references for potential names.

Maybe I'm biased towards my own choices..I love the name AIDAN (its pronounced "Eh-dern"). The first time I heard of this name was from this B-rated Hollywood actor called Aidan Quinn....then John Corbett appeared as Aidan in 'Sex and the City' and I especially liked the way Carrie mutters his name :)~~. Hubby was okay with the name initially and was even beginning to call him by that name when he talks to the babe in my tummy..but his parents disapproves!!! Arghh! They said it sounded like "huai-dan" [naughty in mandarin]...sheesh!! I don't care!! I may persist if we don't find a nicer name and I'll just let them a free rein in deciding the chinese name.. Actually, there's another name I don't mind : Kieran (hmm, wats this abt the -an). I like the way it looked on the name-tag of this really cute blonde casino dealer at the Buswood Casino Resort in Perth hee~~

Pls feel free to give me some suggestions...Creatively wise, I'm blank!!
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Look who's having a baby...

When you are pregnant, you tend to notice all the pregnant women around u and you get the feeling that there are lotsa pregnant pple ..THOUGH..I do really think that there ARE more preggy pple this year. I mean - look at Hollywood itself. Those famous pple who have recently given birth or r pregnant right now - Elizabeth Hurley, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Sadie Frost, Claudia Schiffer and Elle Macpherson to name a few, and famous pple from Singapore are Nadia Hutagalong (model/ex tv presenter), Wendy Jacobs (wifey of Fandi Ahmad/model), Audrey Tay (socialite and daughter of v wealthy Henry and Jannie Tay of The Hour Glass), one of the Melwani daughters (can't seem to tell them apart)..Well,I know I've nothing in common with these famous pple and would definitely not be able to afford those exorbitant Gucci/Prada kiddie togs for my kid but I'm just trying to prove a point that more pple are preggy this year hee~

BUT, not only that, all my good gal pals seem to be in the family way too. I've a grp of close gal pals whom I studied with in Canada...I'm the most pally with Penny, who is now living in States with her CBC hubby. Penny already has a lovely 2 yr old daughter called Vicki..she was back for a brief holiday in April this year and had mentioned then that she was thinkin of having another kid. And boy did she work fast..pretty soon, she informed us (not long after I found out abt my condition) that she was preggy and that our kids would be borne ard the same time (her EDD is 28 Dec, mine is 25 Dec). Eeeew...does that mean we both did the horizontal mumbo abt the same time???

That's Penny + me :)

Another 5 more of my friends also had their babies this year or r having babies soon..Corrina and her Chloe, Audrey and Tiffany, Rita and Charlize and Boon Na with her yet-to-be-named baby girl sometime this week and Bibiana with her baby girl next year... Hmm..wow..All baby girls!! Hee!! My little boy would have lotsa girl frens to choose from!!!!My hubby seems to be mighty pleased about this ..why? I have no idea...!

Well, at least I would have no lack of pple to call up for "mothering/babying" help when I need it later. I'm a novice at this and it's good to have some experienced people ard me :)
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