October 27th, 2002


Eyes wide Open ..bleah


Can't sleep..Damn wide awake at 4 in the morning. Baby's not helping much..he seems to be doing the macarena to the sound of my hubby's snoring.

Awk..I'm hungry! Am actually craving for instant noodles [Nissin Tomyam brand] but eating at such odd hours is not very healthy! Cannot tahan anymore..going to recee for food in the kitchen!!
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Slow Sunday....

Bought more baby stuff!! Saw this cute li' mittens/booties set that has the words : I Luv Dad! on it..Was pissed that it doesn't come in the I Luv Mom! design. So biased!! And why is it that clothings for baby boys (0-3 mths) are either in white or baby-blue. So boring!! Couldn't they make it in more vibrant colors like say electric blue. And gosh, baby clothings are so darn expensive. I guess it's the bikini theory..the lesser the material, the more expensive the attire. And babies tend to grow out of their clothes so fast thus the expiry date for the clothes should be at most 2 months if u r lucky.

Yun-Huei was supposed to call me to tell me what was the dinner plans with TARKevin..and he didn't *fume*!!! [hope u get bitten by mosquitos at Night Safari!! - yeah I'm vicious!] Oie YH..don't keep Kevin all to yourself hor!!! He's big enuff to go ard hee~

Ended up going to Kentucks for dinner instead. I realised that I'm such a sucker for "specials". I din realised that the special Kentucks 2 pc meal promotion of $4.75 [which u see being advertised on tv] is in fact their standard 2 pc chicken set meal [$6.30) minus the coke [$1.55]. Hubby had to point that out to me when I ordered the promotional meal plus a coke..Yeah, that's why he's in banking and I'm not :P. I'm really bad at figures~~

What I crave for right now is a really good, hard massage *sigh*...
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