November 1st, 2002


ze Amazing Evening awoken by hubby's snoring for the 4rd nite in a row this week. I think I'm ultra-sensitive to noise due to my pregnancy. Don't know how long more I can endure this!!

Had a good time yesterday evening when Kevin from The Amazing Race 1 and several forumers [termed Twopers] from Television Without Pity website came over to my place to watch the latest episode of the fab show. Check here for a "recap" of the gathering and some pics :)

Yesterday's ep didn't disappoint [well, cept that Team AAArghh was not eliminated again].. there were so many twist n turn in that 60 mins and the Dieselgate incident was a classic!! Watching Aaron cry was a hoot. Everyone was unanimous in their dislike for AAA and it was a pity that Kathy & Michael just gave it up like that. Well, I guess they were mentally and physically exhausted by the race and just wanted out.

Everyone brought too much food [as usual!]. I still have 2 unopened bottled Tsingtao beer and a Heneiken 6 pack which someone brought in my fridge, which will most likely remain there for quite a while unless I open my house again. e_rambler
's remaining sashimi slices is still in my fridge. He brought sashimi that was enough to feed a whole platoon and *sob*, I could only look and salivate *sigh*.

Was touched that most of the TWOPers stayed on after Kevin left to help clean up my place. We gossiped a fair bit and I gave them a tour of my apartment. It was the first time that I hosted such a gathering in the sense that the attendees were mostly strangers. My sis-in-law was saying that I was actually quite brave to do that. Well, I have to say that we all got along pretty well... All in all, it was a fun night!!

Was totally mabok so I thought I would be able to sleep through the night w/out being awoken but *sigh*, it was not to be so. Well, will just wake hubby up soon for work and join him for breakfast before jumping back into bed :)
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