November 3rd, 2002


Sweet Home AlaBLAHma - "spoiler alert"

Watched Sweet Home Alabama today..was pretty disappointed with the movie. I've always liked Reese Witherspoon as an actress and have been following her movies since her outing in The Man in the Moon...but she really didn't have to do much in this really predictable movie. And...I really don't see anything appealing about Josh Lucas's [who looks like a younger version of Matthew McConnaughey]character - Jake ,for Melanie {Reese) to want to stay married to him. I mean, the other guy, Andrew played by Patrick Dempsey,who was the son of the mayor. He was a truly nice, sweet, romantic guy, in spite of his wealth and social status. Hubby was like.."so who would u go for?" My answer.."He got me at Tiffany's!!] hee~ yeah, the proposal was ze best BUT he IS a really nice guy and you could tell that he loves Melanie ...Hubby actually agreed with me~ :)

Had fishhead steamboat at Tiong Bahru for dinner..yumz!! Felt bad a teeny-weeny few seconds for those live prawns that we had to kill by scalding them in our steamboat soup but yumz, they were really delicious :P~
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