November 24th, 2002


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This afternoon, we decided to visit the newly opened Serangoon Gardens Food Centre..Was intending to do so since it opened last Tuesday and I guess the newspaper article abt it in today's Sunday Life sorta gave us the push.

I've actually grew up in Serangoon Gardens. I was living at Borthwick Drive when I was abt 3 yrs old till I was in Pr 6 and we moved to Jalan Pacheli when I was in Sec School. Moved out of Gardens during my JC days *sigh*..I absolutely loved living in Serangoon Gardens. I can remember the time when the Paramount Theatre was around. It stood where Coffee Bean and those other cafes are right now. Mom used to bring me there to watch all those 'gu chuang' swordfighting movies..I loved the pineapple drink stall that was just right in front of the theatre, although u could see lotsa flies flying ard the stall [maybe, that was why it was so tasty heheh]. Another fav hangout of mine was the Games Arcade right behind the theatre. I used to be the top-scorer for games like Galaxian, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong [yeah, that was during my Pri School Days..:P~~]. Another place I used to go often was NIB [never knew what it stood for].It is this second hand book store shop run by this grumpy old Indian man. Man...I could spend hours there scouring through the comic books and novels hee~ NIB has since closed down and in it's location is a cafe called Happy Daze which is owned by a pal of mine [she was a former school-mate from SJC] , Anne Chia (she's featured in the ST article] She's really done up the place in a cool, retro fashion and the food's there not bad too. Best of all, the cafe is doggy friendly so lots of her customers bring their dogs there to dine together with them.

Well, Serangoon Gardens has changed a lot since. Traffic is extremely bad there and on a weekend evening, you take ages just driving on Serangoon Gardens Way [can vomit blood]. The new Serangoon Gardens Food Centre has a futuristic look. It also has great ventilation and is sparkingly clean, unlike the previous market, which was really dirty and wet, most of the time. I don't think any of the food stalls was from the old Food Centre..[I wonder where the duck rice stall went *sigh*]. Most of the food stalls there had queues but I guess those are unavoidable since all the stalls were self-service. The Newton Char kway Teow Stall had the longest queue and since it was in the afternoon, I did not bother to q even though I had craving for CKT. Hubby chose to eat minced pork noodles from this stall that had a pretty long q too but the food wasn't that great..the soup was ultra salty too so we came to the conclusion that long Qs doesn't necessary equate to good,quality food. I had Beef Hor Fun from this stall called Ah Eng Hor Fun and it was quite tasty :)..I understand that most of the stalls were actually from Taman Serasi foodstall though I didn't patronise any of them. I still think Chomp Chomp has a better selection of food stalls..Love the satay beehoon, hokkien mee, goreng pisang, bbq fish *slurp*.

Oh yes..Pls welcome my elder sis , evonnetay
who is doing her MBA in QUT, Australia to the LJ group. :)
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