November 28th, 2002


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Nooooooooooooo!! I don't believe it!!!! They are gonna use bleddy PCK as the S'pore rep for The Amazing Race.Arghhhhhhhhh!! I don't freaking believe it. So embarrassing!! *sigh* I knew it would be someone from MediaCorp but sheesh, of all persons/characters to choose. I was so looking forward to this episode but now, I think I will be cowering in shame as I'm sure that it's gonna be a hair-raising, cringe-worthy episode...Arghhhhh!!!

U know..I'm really glad that Jill & John Vito weren't eliminated today. They are really an awesome pair. They were really unlucky today. They had some good breaks but somehow did not managed to get ahead of the group. And when John Vito was struggling with the archery thingy, Jill was pretty supportive and didn't even bitch at him [Flo definitely would have done so if it was Zach]. In the end, they had at least a little bit of luck in view tt it was a non-elimination round.

Had a fruitful 'shopping' day today. Mom-in-law specially took the day off so that she could go shopping with me for the remaining baby stuff. Went to Kiddy Palace at Compass Point n bought abt $300 bucks worth of baby items..then we went to Ikea to buy a changing table and some other misc items and finally to Takashimaya so that I could use up my remaining shopping voucher. Spent closed to $500 bucks today but mom-in-law had insisted on paying for everything [she grabbed by wallet each time i took it out]. Thanks Mom :)

Mom was asking me whether I'd bought the latest Her World. I asked her why... She said that yesterday, she saw the magazine shop at her office downstairs bringing in cartons of a certain mag. Pretty soon, that shop was swamped with buyers..She went downstairs abt an hour later and the mag shop was empty then. She asked the owner what was the hoohah abt, and he told her that everyone was buying the Dec issue of Her World Mag. She asked whether there was anymore and he said it was the 2nd day in a row that he sold out the mags w/in an hour that they were brought in. Wow..the special promo this month was the shawl [available in 5 colors:black,beige,green, pink and red ]that comes with the magazine. I guess it's just so typical of us Singaporeans to just snap up anything tts a good deal! [I have to admit, I bought the mag too :P~].

Ok..I changed my mind. Will be putting up the X'mas tree after all. Will urge hubby to do it this weekend :)~~
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