December 3rd, 2002


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Can't's the mini-contractions at work I guess..can feel the babe moving further downwards and he's more active than usual *groan* Kinda painful actually..Getting outta bed is a slight problem now as my tummy is sooooo big! Need my hubby to prop me up at times. Inspected my tummy today and realised that I don't have any stretch marks so far *touch wood*..frens who had experience giving birth however warned me that most of the stretch marks appeared in the last 1 mth of pregnancy..*sigh*..How comforting! Just abt 3 weeks more!!!!

The baby cot we ordered from Takashimaya should be arriving tomorrow *yeah* least the nursery room is sorta taking shape. Hubby and Dad-in-law spent Saturday afternoon fixing up the changing table from Ikea. So funny to see them arguing over what goes where and what nots..hehe. Mom & I decided that in future, we should just pay the 5% extra to have it all fixed up for us instead of having our men do the work but then again, it wouldn't be fun anymore heh. Have to decide soon whether to buy a sofa room for the nursery room. Would probably have to visit Ikea again [yeah, salmon lunch time!!]

Hubby is having second thoughts about getting a live-in maid. I think the horror stories he heard from his friends and those reports in the media have sorta influenced him. Also, he's not comfortable with the loss of privacy too. I guess it meant that he wouldn't be able to walk around the house in his boxer shorts anymore. He asked for my opinion and I told him I'm pretty flexible about this BUT I'm definitely planning to start working so we gotta have some kinda solution. One of the plan is to ask his auntie who stays nearby whether she can help us. This auntie has actually helped look after both his 6th uncle's kids. The other alternative is probably to leave the kid with a child-care or a day nanny..which I'm not really comfortable with. Anyway, would be discussing this with his parents too. They would probably have lots to say abt this.

I'd better start packing the bag I would need to bring to the hospital..Realise that I haven't gotten any nursing clothings/bras yet. Darn..have to go shopping again.

Oh yah..Hubby was thinking that the chinese name could be just one word..Example : Lee Bai, Lee Peng. Have to try to think of several possible names hehehe..Have told his parents abt this..Mom-in-law doesn't seem to like this idea but his dad was okay with it..Any suggestions?? Anyone?? [with the exception of e_rambler who has already given me lotsa really, really lame sounding names!!!]
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The baby cot came today *beam*.. It looked bigger than what I expected. The mover said that I wasn't the only buyer who felt this way. The reason is coz when we first saw it, it was in a large space area - the Takashimaya baby section so it looks kinda small. Placed in a more enclosed area room, the cot would definitely look bigger. Anyway, I'm okay with it...:) Spent the evening putting the mattress cover and bumper mattresses for the cot. Also put together a musical mobile with these really cute little animals and had it attached to the cot..Dunno y but I felt so happy and contented doing these stuff. Was humming away the whole evening..lalala..~

Bought the VCD of the 1st 8 episodes of Meteor Garden 2. Only watched 1 episode so far. The show didn't fare very well when it premiered in Taiwan last month. This sequel totally deviated from the manga and the script was apparently written by the producer and founder of Meteor Gdn/Mgr of F4. Anyway, the gist of the show is that DouMingSi, during a vacation with ShanCai to Spain, got into a bad car accident and suffers from amnesia, and lost all memories of his feelings/relationship with ShanCai. He falls for another girl, played by Michelle Saram..yeah, the Singapore model. Apparently, the Taiwanese audience were so enraged that their beloved DouMingSi has been paired with another girl either than their ShanCai that they refused to watch the show.

Poor Michelle Saram. I think she should just quit acting. She was dissed like crazy for her wooden acting in Hong Kong when she acted in TVB's At a Threshold of an Era 2 and A Step Into the Past [Can u believe that she got to act with Louis Koo twice in a row!!!] . Viewers thought that she was horribly casted in both shows and that her acting sucks. She was just as wooden in Fantasy, the Ch8 idol drama..ain't sure whether she was panned by the media coz I don't read chinese papers at all.. Now, she is being heavily criticised by the Taiwanese public and it's really sad. Mebbe she should have just stick to doing least when she was paired with Aaron Kwok, pple seemed to root for her more.

Anyway, back to Meteor Garden 2, Jerry Yan as DouMingSi is still so swoonsome :)~~~ can a guy be so cute??? High checkbones, cute dimples, solid height and body and sooooo romantic as DMS hehehe..Imagine saying this to a girl.."Before I knew u, I never knew what was happiness~~!"..Aiyoh, and the way he looks at ShanCai with his mesmerizing pair of eyes..Melt siah!!! I always felt that Jerry was the best looking and the most manly amongst the F4..Most of my frens like ZaiZai who plays HuaZeLei but I feel that ZZ looks kinda girly :P~

Yeah yeah,I'm a woman in her 30s still lusting after young nubile men hehehe..Can't help it!! *slurp*. I'm sure moxielass can identify with me on this although she's only a young lady in her early 20s hehehe.
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